Lowering the Boom

How a sanctioned senator made himself a multimillionaire in five years, where he got his money, and how he reacted to the news of retribution by Canada and the United States

Uniting Against Sexual Violence — Tous unis

The Haiti Democracy Project’s Regrouppement National des Femmes Candidates joined a U.N. conference in Port-au-Prince on preventing violence toward women and increasing the number of women candidates. Sponsored by the U.N. and Canada and held at the Hotel Montana. One in eight Haitian women has been sexually assaulted in her lifetime

Everyone’s Going Around in Circles

By Frantz Duval in le Nouvelliste. All the actors are milling around aimlessly. Canada is wondering how to help the Haitian police. The U.N. Security Council’s resolution is marking time. The Haitian government, after getting the foreigners to sanction the bad actors, isn’t proceeding against them. The Haitian politicians are afraid to break with them. And the gangs know no life beyond shooting up the population. We are about to blow one more opportunity.

L’aide étrangère ne peut rien pour Haïti

By Loic Tassé, le Journal de Montréal. It is illusory to think that foreign forces can save Haiti from the corruption and incompetence of its own elites. Rather they should aid the minuscule Haitian army, which is better placed to restore order — even at the cost of a military dictatorship.