Channelize the Population’s Anger

By Sauveur Pierre Etienne. The population’s spontaneous resistance to the gangs is a force to be reckoned with, yet undirected it could lead to anarchy. It remains the responsibility of the Haitian elite to forge a functioning state extending its sovereignty over the whole territory,

Pas pour les âmes sensibles

Par Wiselaine Dorcélus, présidente du Regroupement National des Femmes Candidates. Il faudra un grand effort pour que les femmes en Haïti obtiennent leurs droits et aident à sortir la nation de son bourbier. Son message du 8 mars, Journée internationale de la femme, ici posté tardivement

Policeman Killed by Friendly Fire

Lacked a radio to tell his partners where he was. Incident indicates that they are barely hanging on and cannot by themselves fend off gangs armed with high-caliber weapons