An Overstay Foretold?

Quietly and without fanfare, the provision in the new constitution’s first draft that has Jovenel Moïse leaving power on February 7, 2022 has been dropped in the second

Citing, Then Blighting

The historian Claude Moïse, whose book La croix et la bannière the Haiti Democracy Project translated into English in 2002, trenchantly asks how President Moïse can freely avail himself of the constitution by invoking its five-year presidential term, yet violate it by staging a strictly-forbidden referendum on a new constitution. As befits a writer of his stature, he freely acknowledges the complexities, yet in this instance, he fails to resolve them and ends by airily dismissing them in the Haitian manner

Women Propose Mediation

By Vant-Bef Info. With the men talking past each other and perpetuating the crisis, the Ligue Haïtienne des Femmes pour le Renouveau proposes a seven-person mediation drawn from the sectors to break the deadlock