Wiselaine Dorcélus

On March 10, 2020, right after leaving a government office where she paid $260 for a financial permit for the project, she was assaulted and robbed while taking a taxi home. She did not notice anything when she left the office, but believes they may have followed her.

“Même si je ne vais pas trop bien ,je reste toujours positive,” reports Wiselaine on March 16.

The assault

They took my pocketbook and a laptop, a jump drive, and a telephone that had the photos of all my activities, they took a backpack from my friend and other stuff. So I lost some very important stuff and stuff that wasn’t mine. I have a headache, I don’t feel well. I mustn’t quit fighting, that felt like an act of political intimidation. I must regain my morale. I go to the hospital tomorrow. The robbers said they would leave me alone, but they hit me. I need to report it to the police. But yesterday there was a lot of disorder in the street, there were men dressed in police uniforms who were heavily armed.