Ancestral Homeland to the Rescue?

Dahomey on Africa’s west coast, now called Benin, is the cradle land of Haiti. The majority of its people came from thereabouts. Now the African country has suddenly volunteered two thousand soldiers for the U.N. mission and seems willing to move fast, unlike procedure-bound Kenya. The fact that they come from the land of the ancestors and that they can speak French will greatly resonate with the Haitians.

Get U.N. In There

The Kenyan force might have sufficed when it was first proposed, but the United States and the Security Council have waited too long and now only a full peacekeeping mission of the Security Council with wide participation including that of the United States can save the situation

May the U.N. Mission Succeed

“Haiti’s Gangs: Can a Foreign Mission Break Their Stranglehold?” By the International Crisis Group. A wise, seasoned appraisal of the U.N.’s chances against the gangs by a research group with deep experience in Haiti. Advises front-loading the mission to gain immediate ascendancy, to avoid a war of a thousand cuts. Appropriately skeptical of the Haitian political class’s capacity to cooperate in bringing the country to elections. The Crisis Group has written the definitive road map as Haiti enters its year of opportunity. If this one is missed, Eternity may not grant another

Gangs Infest Lower Artibonite

Report by U.N. high commissioner for human rights. Despite valiant efforts of the Haitian National Police, as at Liancourt last year when seven policemen bravely gave their lives in the struggle, gangs have spread from the capital into the lower Artibonite. They execute members of the local population during attacks on villages. They burn abductees to force their families to pay ransoms. Haitian senators have connived with them. To support the police and courts, the high commissioner urges that the Security Council’s multinational mission be sent as quickly as possible.

70 Percent Want U.N. Back

A new poll commissioned by the Haitian Health Network finds this percentage in favor of the U.N.’s return. Slideshow

O Canada, Check Your Facts!

Fact-checking. So boring and plodding. Can’t one ever give wing to one’s soul untrammeled by those stubborn things? Yes, back in graduate school one’s professors insisted on it, but that was so long ago! This explains how Justin Trudeau and the whole Canadian parliament could rise in rapturous applause of a Ukrainian Nazi mass-murderer. There was no fact-checking. There was none, either, in Canada’s recent sanctioning of two of Haiti’s most reputable businessmen.