Latest Haiti Democracy News

Get UN in There While There Is Still Something Left to Save

By Haiti Democracy Project in the Inter-American Dialogue’s Latin America Advisor, February 18, 2022. Haiti can’t do this alone, torn to pieces by intra-elite strife and the gangs they send out. The U.N. made sure that nine elections were held and no presidents overthrown or assassinated. Bring them back to restore order and have an election

Project Reaches Sud with Aid

Braving the gangs our women candidates transported the donated supplies to the Sud and are distributing them at mobile clinics in the countryside. The Women Candidates’ nurses corps has been in action since the first days of the earthquake

New Donation of Living Kits and Tarps

This donation from supplies in Haiti will be a game-changer for the numerous families thrown out of their homes who now have no place to live, at least temporary shelter until they can begin to rebuild. To capitalize on this donation we need to come through with more to transport this stuff south

Let Wiselaine Take it to Them

How to get aid to the victims in the south? Let Wiselaine Dorcélus, leader of the women candidates, take it there herself! She is now collecting medical and hygienic supplies and clothing for a trip to Sud, Grand’ Anse, and Nippes where women candidates and their families are in distress. A generous donor in Haiti is giving her as much as she can carry, so money transfers from the States will enable her to get a larger van and go to more remote areas

Organizing Medical Supplies for the South

The Haiti Democracy Project’s women-candidates organization in Haiti has suffered severely in the southern provinces. A number of prospective candidates have been killed or injured. Wiselaine Dorcélus, the candidates’ leader, is collecting medical supplies to take to Jérémie, Nippes, and Sud.

Opposition May Be Complicit in Assassination

By Haiti Democracy Project for the Inter-American Dialogue: The opposition falsely accused Jovenel Moïse of ruling beyond his constitutional term, thus of ruling illegally. This “big lie” put him in danger in a country as unstable as Haiti. Look for that to be the pretext for whoever did it

U.S. Supporter Puts the Idea into Practice!

An Oregon supporter of Haitian women candidates has thrown her hat into the ring locally! Catherine McMullen is a friend of the family of our former leader Amb. Ernest Preeg and is now an election official in Portland. She is running for county clerk in adjoining Clackamas County

U.N. Exhorts Haiti

Its potent mission withdrawn since 2017, the U.N. is reduced to exhorting the Haitian authorities to greater efforts well beyond their capacity and will. The Haiti Democracy Project loudly urged the U.N. to stay in 2017, while other pundits nodded off. It should be redeployed with a longer and stronger mandate, but given U.S. quarrels with a couple of permanent members, approval may not be automatic