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Elegy for the Fallen Police

By Dr. Frantz Large, valued participant in the Haiti Democracy Project’s 2009 conference for a Strategy of National Salvation. “Ce soir notre cœur se serre pour la disparition au Champ d’honneur des agents de la PNH . . .Ce soir, des épouses se retrouvent sans mari, et leurs pauvres mains chercheront en vain sous les couvertures un corps désormais rigide et froid. Ce soir de petites mains attendent en vain un père

U.N.: Haiti Needs International Force to Beat the Gangs

Le besoin d’appui par une force internationale spécialisée « demandée par le gouvernement haïtien depuis octobre sans réponse concrète: La réalité est que sans ce déploiement international, opérant de manière intégrée avec la Police, les effets très positifs du processus politique et des sanctions resteront fragiles et susceptibles d’être inversés ».

Seven More Police Killed

They were killed defending a police station in the Artibonite on January 25 as 150 gang members stormed it. Since January 10 almost one policeman per day has fallen. Disaffected police threatened the prime minister’s office and the airport. Some arms sent to the police have ended up in the hands of the gangsters. A top reporter of Le Nouvelliste says the police are beginning to crack, but the police chief vows, “Nous n’allons pas baisser les bras.” There has been no follow-up to the sanctions, without which the targeted individuals await the moment to strike back.. Fourteen prisoners were killed in a jailbreak in Gonaïves

What must Be Done for Haiti to Survive?

By the Haiti Democracy Project for the Inter-American Dialogue. Washington is living in a dream world. It believes it can fight the Russians to the last Ukrainian and the Haitian gangs to the last Canadian. It believes that Haiti will conveniently go away next year, a U.S. election year. It’s time to put away these fantasies and concentrate on the few essential, doable tasks we need to do near our border

U.N. Secretary-General’s Warning

“Gang-related violence reached levels not seen in decades . . . Armed gangs sought to expand their influence into neighbourhoods of the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area that were considered relatively safe until recently . . . Despite the end of the siege of the Varreux oil terminal, I reiterate the urgent need for the deployment of an international specialized armed force.”

Three Police Killed

A driver was also killed and another policeman injured in Petionville on Friday, January 20. Update: “Face à la puissance de feu des bandits du gang Krazé barrière, 3 policiers ont été tués et un autre porté disparu.” The tragedy is sowing discord between the top brass and the rank-and-file

Starting the Year with a Full Deck

The project’s women candidates have a full agenda for the new year including rallying women candidates in the Artibonite, aiding women prisoners held in poor conditions in Cap-Haïtien, and countering electoral violence especially against handicapped women

Going Door-to-Door to Stop Cholera

“I have been working in Cité Soleil for eight years. The situation has deteriorated . . . the people are very fearful about the return of cholera.”

Taking Haiti Concerns to the Hill

On December 15, 2022 a Haiti Democracy Project staff delegation saw Rep. James McGovern, chairman of the House Rules Committee, to raise issues of security and migration. Our delegates were Wilby Louis and Rev. Garry Théodate.

Jacques Bernard: Elections the Solution

Marking one-year anniversary of his death. Originator of the Tabulation Center, organizer of the freest and fairest election in Haiti’s history, administrator of the last election to draw a majority of the voters

Lowering the Boom

How a sanctioned senator made himself a multimillionaire in five years, where he got his money, and how he reacted to the news of retribution by Canada and the United States

Uniting Against Sexual Violence — Tous unis

The Haiti Democracy Project’s Regrouppement National des Femmes Candidates joined a U.N. conference in Port-au-Prince on preventing violence toward women and increasing the number of women candidates. Sponsored by the U.N. and Canada and held at the Hotel Montana. One in eight Haitian women has been sexually assaulted in her lifetime

U.S. Doing Little

By Amb. Pamela A. White. There is zero sense of urgency by the television media or politicians in the United States that our neighbor nation’s people are suffering unbearable hardships. Almost two million are suffering very acute malnutrition. We need to gradually send in two thousand armed guards to protect aid delivery from the gangs

Sanctions Build on Haitian Voters’ Own Effort to Clean House

While they are correctly deemed as external, the Canadian and U.S. sanctions merely pick up where the Haitian electorate left off. In three presidential elections the voters consistently rebuffed the corruptionists. The corrupt ones fought back with electoral fraud and assassination. Is it any wonder they have denied the Haitians the right to vote for six years?