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Sud-Est Recruiting Foray

Wiselaine, our women’s project director, during April 3 – May 3, 2021, set up a women-candidates recruiting structure in the Sud-Est province.

Constitutional ABCs

Article 134-2 makes the new president start immediately after a late election. It juggles the schedule to accommodate this. But in Jovenel Moïse’s case, the amendment was ignored. He wasn’t allowed to start immediately after his election. Out goes Article 134-2, both substance and scheduling

U.N. Not Calling Term at an End

The secretary-general’s report does not mention it except in passing as a claim made by the opposition (page 2). It says that the government is losing the battle against the gangs and kidnapers, but in fighting them committed eighty-two human-rights violations.

How Article 134-2’s Parts Interact

ARTICLE 134-1. The term of the President is five (5) years. Jovenel Moïse was inaugurated in February 2017. He didn’t begin when the election was certified, as per Article 134-2 as amended, so the scheduling in that amendment is also out.

Constitutions Are Paper

Article 284-3: General elections to amend the Constitution by referendum are strictly forbidden.. That nixes President Moïse’s plan for a referendum on a new constitution