Left: Wiselaine Dorcélus, coordinator


On January 25, future women candidates came from all over the country to strategize in Port-au-Prince, at Delmas 35 no. 12. The leaders of our Women Candidates’ Group will help launch educational campaigns in all their districts to get out out the vote for women candidates.

“We are looking for a massive representation of women in the next parliament,” says Wiselaine Dorcélus, national coordinator.

We are true soldiers. Life is a struggle, I struggle . . . –Wiselaine

Since the meeting, we continue to receive many calls from new candidates. The next step is for us to visit the provinces,  kick-start the educational programs, and help coordinate the campaigns.

As a result of the meeting our group’s ambitions have broadened and prominent personalities are interested in joining. Nadia Valérie, a representative of Réginald Boulos’s party, the Third Way, attended and vowed to work with us. The group will need help from stateside, if we can find it, to train the candidates to run campaigns, prepare them for office, and allow them to support community projects as they campaign.

The meeting was facilitated by an $1,800 transfer from the Haiti Democracy Project. We raised it from board members in Washington and small donors in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Indiana, California, and Oregon.  They donated in memory of Joanna Herlihy, longtime leader of the Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts.