Pulling UN a Big Mistake — OAS

Five years ago when the internationals threw Haiti to the wolves, the Haiti Democracy Project was about the only organization to clearly and loudly protest. Mum was the word from the OAS and all the establishment commentators

Get UN in There While There Is Still Something Left to Save

By Haiti Democracy Project in the Inter-American Dialogue’s Latin America Advisor, February 18, 2022. Haiti can’t do this alone, torn to pieces by intra-elite strife and the gangs they send out. The U.N. made sure that nine elections were held and no presidents overthrown or assassinated. Bring them back to restore order and have an election

U.N. Exhorts Haiti

Its potent mission withdrawn since 2017, the U.N. is reduced to exhorting the Haitian authorities to greater efforts well beyond their capacity and will. The Haiti Democracy Project loudly urged the U.N. to stay in 2017, while other pundits nodded off. It should be redeployed with a longer and stronger mandate, but given U.S. quarrels with a couple of permanent members, approval may not be automatic