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And Back in Haiti?

By Frantz Duval in le Nouvelliste, October 15, 2022. While the international actors perhaps put together a mission, what is happening here in Haiti? Click on the orange to find out

Private Sector Supports Rescue Mission

Understands and supports the difficult but responsable decision to seek foreign support against the resurgence of cholera and the gangs’ month-long blockage of the country’s principal fuel depot. And because the police despite their best efforts can’t make headway against the gangs

Intervention Not a Blank Check

A foreign intervention, if it comes, should not be a blank check. It should be in the service of the country, not the government in power, leading to a transition government. Excerpt from article by Jean-Marie Théodat, Sorbonne University

Foreign Cleansers

Historian Georges Michel: “It’s a foreign force that has to come to clean up the place because we can’t do it. To pacify the country you’ve got to import a foreign army.”

Let Haitians Decide

So said a sign carried in front of the White House on October 9. The vast majority of Haitians would now welcome intervention against the gangs from any quarter, foreign or domestic. Are these Haitians included among the ones who should decide?

Women Endorse Multinational Police

Eleven Haitian women’s organizations, ours included, call on foreign police to help their Haitian counterparts to restore order — part of a larger call to repress the gangs and make way for elections. Together these organizations claim to represent 250,000 Haitian women

U.S. Considering Haiti’s Request

Alarmed by the emergency created by the gangs blocking the distribution of fuel the United States is considering the Haitian government’s request for security aid submitted to the U.N. Security Council. Lack of fuel is shutting down pumps leading to spread of cholera

Boots on the Ground NOW! — Amb. Pamela White

“It is time to throw away the gloves and stop pretending that ‘normal’ diplomacy will work in Haiti. Boots on the ground right NOW. I personally don’t care if they are mercenaries or UN troops or former New York policemen – the killing has got to stop!” says the former ambassador. BRAVA!

Pulling UN a Big Mistake — OAS

Five years ago when the internationals threw Haiti to the wolves, the Haiti Democracy Project was about the only organization to clearly and loudly protest. Mum was the word from the OAS and all the establishment commentators

Eyes on the CEP

Past discrimination resulted in the last legislature having only four women out of 149 members. On June 27 and July 14, 2022 the Haiti project’s women-candidates initiative held seminars in Port-au-Prince focusing on the electoral commission’s complicity in this discrimination

Gangs Reflect Intra-Elite Struggle

By Haiti Democracy Project for the Inter-American Dialogue’s Latin America Advisor, May 22, 2022. Gangs are the shadow-play of Haiti’s latest power struggle at the top. They won’t be wished away by a chaste “Haitian-led solution.” Only a full peacekeeping mission can get rid of them

Get UN in There While There Is Still Something Left to Save

By Haiti Democracy Project in the Inter-American Dialogue’s Latin America Advisor, February 18, 2022. Haiti can’t do this alone, torn to pieces by intra-elite strife and the gangs they send out. The U.N. made sure that nine elections were held and no presidents overthrown or assassinated. Bring them back to restore order and have an election