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What Jovenel Moïse must do

Analysis of the little-known group l’Alliance Démocratique pour la Réconciliation Nationale: Clear out the flatterers and put in those of known competence and incorruptibility. Use them to keep international support and win back that of the lower-middle classes who elected him

The Bear Is Loose

Persecuted for the crime of having attempted to modernize Haitian politics and assure a livelihood for each and every Haitian, Rudy Boulos keeps calm and carries on

Riding the Tiger

Latin America Advisor. Having earlier chided violent presidential aspirants and the wavering international commitment, we turn now to the man in the saddle, Jovenel Moïse.

Pulling Out the Rug

Appearing in Latin America Advisor of the Inter-American Dialogue. A previous generation of policy-makers struggled just to get an elected president in Haiti. Now we’re squandering one

Soutien de ses propres

Le National: La huitième délégation sénatoriale de Haiti Democracy Project s’est concentrée sur les acteurs qui auront un impact sur les décisions à prendre lorsque la déportation forcée commencera