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Verifying Last Election

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In 2015–16, the losing candidates overthrew the election. When the election was re-run in November, 2016, they lost even worse. To protect the vote, we photographed the returns in 4 percent of the polling places. As the above chart shows, our results closely tracked the election commission’s.


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From this chart, you can see the actual returns in 392 polling places before they went to the tabulation center


Verifying Previous Election

Click to enlarge – Election of October 25, 2015

As the losing candidates strove to overthrow the previous election mentioned above, our 208 accredited observers reported no or minor problems in 96 percent of the voting. See their collective findings above and individual reports below.

Observer Reports

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Clicking on a province will take you to the pile of reports our observers wrote there and you can read each one

Correcting the 2010 Election

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Rumors flew and narratives abounded, but we settled the issue with photographs and database queries

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