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Cover photo: Women’s project carrying pails to earthquake victims in Les Cayes

There were only four women in Haiti’s last parliament of 149 members.

Our women candidates aim to change that

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Verifying 2016 Election

Election-deniers had overthrown the last election. To protect this one, we took photos of the polling returns in 392 polling places, 4 percent of the national total and compared them to the central board. They all matched:

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Verifying 2015 Election

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Jovenel Moïse beat the next candidate, 33 to 25 percent. The losing candidates strove to overturn the election. We took detailed reports from 208 accredited observers. They jibed with the European Union and OAS reports that the election had gone well. We took our findings onto Haitian national TV. Nevertheless, the election-deniers prevailed. In the re-run, Moïse improved to 56 percent. Here we publish our observer reports verbatim.

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Correcting the 2010 election

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Unlike the two elections mentioned above, the 2010 election was plagued by false tabulation. We first discovered it in discrepancies between the returns in the field and the numbers posted on the central board. We then found that the election commission had secretly reactivated more than fourteen thousand votes for the president’s son-in-law in order to keep him in the race. The votes had been eliminated for fraud. We got both of these sneaky acts corrected, in part or in whole

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