The Tolls of Terror

In America some people leave a city to escape crime. Imagine having to leave a whole country. Mitch Albom, Detroit Free Press

Gang Violence Flaring

The U.N. High Commissioner on Human Rights says in the first two and a half months of this year 531 people have been killed. “Most of the victims were killed or injured by snipers who were reportedly randomly shooting at people in their homes or on the streets.”

U.N. Secretary-General’s Warning

“Gang-related violence reached levels not seen in decades . . . Armed gangs sought to expand their influence into neighbourhoods of the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area that were considered relatively safe until recently . . . Despite the end of the siege of the Varreux oil terminal, I reiterate the urgent need for the deployment of an international specialized armed force.”

Three Police Killed

A driver was also killed and another policeman injured in Petionville on Friday, January 20. Update: “Face à la puissance de feu des bandits du gang Krazé barrière, 3 policiers ont été tués et un autre porté disparu.” The tragedy is sowing discord between the top brass and the rank-and-file

Tous unis contre les violences sexuelles

Le Regroupement National des Femmes Candidates du Haiti Democracy Project a participé à une conférence des Nations Unies à Port-au-Prince sur la prévention de la violence envers les femmes et l’augmentation du nombre de femmes candidates. Parrainé par l’ONU et le Canada et tenu à l’hôtel Montana.