Cholera Overwhelming Haiti

Deaths are spiking amidst the crisis. “Only God knows my pain,” said Viliene Enfant at a Docteurs sans Frontières clinic. the body of her 22-year-old son lay on the floor wrapped in a white plastic bag

Children in Cholera’s Death Maw

For the hundreds of thousands of children already famished, the spread of cholera is a death sentence — UNICEF. That’s why the Haiti Democracy Project, despite our aversion to foreign boots on the ground, has endorsed an international rescue mission. Most Haitians feel the same way

An Overstay Foretold?

Quietly and without fanfare, the provision in the new constitution’s first draft that has Jovenel Moïse leaving power on February 7, 2022 has been dropped in the second

Tribute to Ernest Preeg

A gathering in remembrance. Wednesday, May 17, 2:00 p.m., attended by our Sixth Legislative Delegation, board members of the Haiti Democracy Project, and colleagues of Ambassador Preeg’s from thinktanks