Policeman Killed by Friendly Fire

Lacked a radio to tell his partners where he was. Incident indicates that they are barely hanging on and cannot by themselves fend off gangs armed with high-caliber weapons

Les bandits ne connaîtrons pas la paix

““Tant que je serai commissaire du gouvernement, les bandits ne connaîtrons pas la paix.” So says Jean Ernest Muscadin in Nippes. This prosecutor is not waiting for the foreign force to come

Elegy for the Fallen Police

By Dr. Frantz Large, valued participant in the Haiti Democracy Project’s 2009 conference for a Strategy of National Salvation. “Ce soir notre cœur se serre pour la disparition au Champ d’honneur des agents de la PNH . . .Ce soir, des épouses se retrouvent sans mari, et leurs pauvres mains chercheront en vain sous les couvertures un corps désormais rigide et froid. Ce soir de petites mains attendent en vain un père”

Seven More Police Killed

They were killed defending a police station in the Artibonite on January 25 as 150 gang members stormed it