U.N. Exhorts Haiti

Its potent mission withdrawn since 2017, the U.N. is reduced to exhorting the Haitian authorities to greater efforts well beyond their capacity and will. The Haiti Democracy Project loudly urged the U.N. to stay in 2017, while other pundits nodded off. It should be redeployed with a longer and stronger mandate, but given U.S. quarrels with a couple of permanent members, approval may not be automatic

Haiti Project Called it in 2017

We went out on a limb while others hemmed and hawed. “The withdrawal is based on wishful thinking. The U.N.’s ounce of prevention has averted a ton of troubles.”

U.N. Mandate for 20 Years Proposed

The U.N.’s most dynamic leader in Haiti, Edmund Mulet, calls for it to return for twenty years with the power to take the necessary decisions. There have been five U.N. missions that have come and gone whenever the Security Council thought Haiti had attained stability