Non-Paper Equals Non-Mission

The Miami Herald has illuminated the debate by publicizing a U.S. “non-paper” describing the possible makeup of a U.N. mission to Haiti’s police. But a non-paper is not a negotiation. Although Russia and China have approved all past U.N. missions, the United States, after declaring these countries public enemies one and two, would have to seriously negotiate with them to get their stamp on any sort of armed mission.

Give This Job to the Security Council

By the Haiti Democracy Project in the Washington Post. It would be a hundred times better if the Haitian politicians settled things among themselves. They can’t. Meanwhile, gangs rampage freely and several million very poor people teeter on the brink of starvation and cholera. Over seventy years ago the international community invented the United Nations’ peacekeeping machinery for just such emergencies. If there was ever a place and time it was needed, it is here and now

Bring Back the U.N.

By Haiti Democracy Project in the Inter-American Dialogue’s Latin America Advisor, May 19, 2023. In 2017, while the other pundits nodded off, we wrote, “The withdrawal of the U.N. mission is based on wishful thinking. Its ounce of prevention has averted a ton of headaches.” Today, tens of thousands of deaths later, there’s a growing awareness among the pundits of the need for the mission, but as yet no conception of the negotiations it would take in the Security Council to get it.

The Project’s Push for Solidarity with Haiti

Since 2017 the Haiti project has consistently pushed first for retaining, then returning the U.N. mission to Haiti to avert complete disaster. We’ve just made the case again in the Washington Post and with the Inter-American Dialogue (above). Here we reprise our previous articles with them