Why Women Candidates?

We are not talking here merely of righting the wrong of male domination, important as that is. We are talking about furnishing Haiti with a corps of committed improvers the likes of which it has never seen

Jacques Bernard: Elections the Solution

Marking one-year anniversary of his death. Originator of the Tabulation Center, organizer of the freest and fairest election in Haiti’s history, administrator of the last election to draw a majority of the voters

Sanctions Build on Haitian Voters’ Own Effort to Clean House

While they are correctly deemed as external, the Canadian and U.S. sanctions merely pick up where the Haitian electorate left off. In three presidential elections the voters consistently rebuffed the corruptionists. The corrupt ones fought back with electoral fraud and assassination. Is it any wonder they have denied the Haitians the right to vote for six years?

Eyes on the CEP

Past discrimination resulted in the last legislature having only four women out of 149 members. On June 27 and July 14, 2022 the Haiti project’s women-candidates initiative held seminars in Port-au-Prince focusing on the electoral commission’s complicity in this discrimination