May the U.N. Mission Succeed

“Haiti’s Gangs: Can a Foreign Mission Break Their Stranglehold?” By the International Crisis Group. A wise, seasoned appraisal of the U.N.’s chances against the gangs by a research group with deep experience in Haiti. Advises front-loading the mission to gain immediate ascendancy, to avoid a war of a thousand cuts. Appropriately skeptical of the Haitian political class’s capacity to cooperate in bringing the country to elections. The Crisis Group has written the definitive road map as Haiti enters its year of opportunity. If this one is missed, Eternity may not grant another

Seminar Against Violence

On December 22, 2023, the Haiti Democracy Project’s Women Candidates campaign held a seminar for thirty-five participants on the themes, “Violence Against Women Candidates” and “Techniques of Negotiation.” The seminar was held at the offices of the Centre pour la Promotion de la Démocratie et de l’Education Participative in Peguyville. Slideshow

Violence Against Women Candidates

It is the biggest reason for the paucity of women candidates in Haiti. On October 23, 2023, the Haiti Democracy Project’s women candidates held a seminar “La prévention de la violence électorale à l’égard des femmes” at the Office of Citizens’ Protection (OPC) in Port-au-Prince. Slideshow