This Entrepreneur-Turned-Politician Could Save Haiti

Réginald Boulos is that rara avis, an upright politician in a corrupt country. Governmental corruption is killing Haiti. By rooting it out he will put Haiti on its upward path. As his brother Rudy, equally uncorrupt and a founding member of this organization, said in his 2006 senatorial campaign, “I’m not running for the senate to get a house in Port-au-Prince. I already have one.” So with Reginald. He is not doing it for himself. Click above to read his CV.

Réginald Boulos : la répression a-t-elle aussi peur d’une révolution bourgeoise?

Par Fenley Cuis. Le politicien frustré qui croit dans l’argent facile refusera de céder son trône à un homme qui croit qu’il faut travailler dur afin d’obtenir des résultats. La grande apparition de l’homme d’affaires dans l’arène politique fait peur. L’État haïtien devrait plutôt donner une plaque d’honneur à cet entrepreneur pour sa collaboration et son esprit républicain au lieu d’investir inutilement dans des campagnes de désinformation.

Honoring Joanna Herlihy of Cambridge, Mass.

She was a leader of the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party and a passionate defender of the disadvantaged. Passed away November 29, 2019 in Cambridge. The family requests that donations in her name be made to the Haiti Democracy Project and one other organization

Third Way Launched

By Juno 7. Neither the violence of the so-called “left” nor the corruption of the so-called right, but entrepreneurs joining with the people to modernize the government

Haiti Project Called it in 2017

We went out on a limb while others hemmed and hawed. “The withdrawal is based on wishful thinking. The U.N.’s ounce of prevention has averted a ton of troubles.”