"Le monde entier sait maintenant qu'on a eu raison, on a dit vrai!"

—Natacha P., observatrice électorale de la Haiti Democracy Project

We had confirmed in the 2015 election that Jovenel Moïse got 33 percent of the votes. This election was overturned by the losers. In the next election he got 56 percent

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Féline S., observatrice électorale de la Haiti Democracy Project










Haiti Democracy Project election observer Pythagore D. compares polling returns to posted results

Bienvenue sur le site. Nous sommes humbles que vous soyez ici.Welcome to the website. We are glad you are here.

The major role of the Haiti Democracy Project has been to protect elections against assaults by anti-democratic elements which, unfortunately, remain alive and well on the Haitian scene. We have deployed eight missions of accredited electoral observers since 2006. Each time we strove to preserve the will of the people as expressed in their action at the polls and so increase the resulting government’s legitimacy and authority, which is essential for unleashing the economy and generating jobs for the mass of eager workers now condemned to lifetime unemployment.

While preserving elections is the centerpiece of our assault on Haiti’s mass poverty we also try to push the economy on other fronts:

  • Opening doors in Washington to twenty-one delegations of Haitian entrepreneurs and investors
  • Gathering Haiti’s best and brightest to plot a comprehensive development plan
  • Enticing foreign investment into light industry

Finally, as an American organization, we try to move Washington along from merely seeking surface stability through various holding actions to actively promoting the reforms that would put Haiti on its upward path. This would require changing policy from supporting the status quo to taking the side of change agents. Of the three prongs of our strategy—elections, economy, and policy—this has probably been the least successful. Elections have improved incrementally and we helped that along. Our business delegates have invested. But on policy, we have more lapses than successful initiatives.

That's us. As to you, our honored website visitor, what do the organization and website offer you? The organization could serve as a vehicle for rational action on behalf of Haiti. The website with 4,506 entries and counting is the largest extant collection of material on Haiti's struggle for effective governance. From the articles home page you can search or use the date and subject filters to find what we have. Bonne lecture.

James Morrell
Washington, D.C.
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