U.S. Institute of Peace panelist
Amb. Raymond Joseph (left)

Original unaltered return

Discrepancy cited by ambassador: Polling return shows government candidate getting eleven votes (first line, above)


Published results padded by 100 for govt. candidate

This is inflated into 111 votes In the result posted by the electoral commission.



How it affected race

Repeated enough times it completely alters the outcome of the race


Election Observer Velita Obas

Observer Velita Obas of Port-au-Prince holds the Haiti Democracy Project record for number of polling-place counts tabulated in one evening—seventeen. Used as a basis of training, her achievement brings within range a parallel count of the entire national vote.








Amb. Raymond Joseph

Former Haitian ambassador to the United States

Director of "A Dollar Tree for Haiti"

Gist of his reference to Haiti Democracy Project during panel discussion

The Haiti Democracy Project's electoral mission caught a government candidate attempting to pad his totals by one or two hundred votes. It published the photographic evidence.

The ambassador cited this as an example of the fraud in the legislative race that completely altered outcomes and created gridlock between the legislature and President Martelly.


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