Comparison of Observer Compilations for the October 25, 2015 Election
  European Union NOAH-Haiti Democracy OAS                RNDDH                 Form of question
No. of accredited observers reporting   80     208     120    
Provinces covered         5     10    
Opening on time   35%     Not compiled       16%  
Opening - positive evaluation   89%     68%          
Party poll watchers were present   100%     100%          
They represented both ruling party & opposition   74%     99%          
Limit of 10 poll watchers at a time was respected   75%                
Poll watchers showed their IDs to poll workers   Close to 100%                
Poll watchers wore their proper accreditation badges   84%                
Poll watchers not allowed to vote more than once   Mostly     97%          
Poll watchers did not try to influence voters    84%     Not compiled          
Majority of voters were normal voters, not poll watchers         99%          
Polling place had voters' list   100%     100%       98%  
Voters' IDs were checked against the list   100%     100%          
Voters had to sign before voting   100%     100%          
Voting process - positive evaluation   85%     96%     Yes    
Performance of electoral personnel - positive   72%     Not compiled          
Poll workers explained voting procedure to voters   43%     Not compiled          
Voters' understanding of procedures - satisfactory   56%                
Security was adequate   Generally     89%       86% Security forces present for count
Voters had no problem accessing polling place          86%          
Voting secrecy respected         88%          
There were no serious acts of intimidation   Generally     90%       81% No violent incidents
No illegal political acts   Generally     84%       82% No direct pressure on voters
No presence of interruptors   Generally     92%       81%  
Closing - positive    Mostly     97%       83% No one still in line to vote
Count - positive   100%     100%     Yes    
No poll watchers refused to sign the completed return   100%     100%          
Observers' sample similar to overall published results               Yes    
Observers' manual counts match published results         98%          
Polling-return sample matches published results         100%          
Mission publishing its raw observer reports   No     Yes     No No  
Mission costs         $25,000     $4.6 million (2010-11)    
This table only captures data that have been compiled by the organizations from all the polling places they observed. In general, only numerical values are used, except when proportions were clearly indicated. Narratives that describe but do not quantify aren't included.
1. Percentages refer to percentage of observers of that group with this finding
2. Blank box = no data available from this group
3. Not compiled. Data exist but have not been compiled
4. Observers' sample similar to overall published results: The OAS compiled all the manual counts taken by its observers and found that they matched the order and proportions of the overall results
5. Observers' manual counts match published results: This is a comparison of the manual count from a BV to the published results for that BV only. Sample of 141
6. Polling-return sample matches published results. Copies of returns received from the polling place are compared to the results published on the central board. Sample of 92