The position of committed women, women’s associations and feminist organizations on the occasion of the National Day of the Haitian Women’s Movement, April 3, 2023.
The country is dying. Leaders of the State, either take responsibility or leave.
We the undersigned women, women’s organizations and feminists want to draw the attention of the State, all actors, especially those who have decision-making power, to what has been going on for the past three years, as the country sinks ever deeper into the abyss. This note points to the many faces of the crisis, especially in gender, economic and security matters. We believe it is never too late to stop this hemorrhage that is destroying the dignity of an entire people, but especially women and girls in the population.
Several reports on human rights clearly show that young men are the leaders of the gangs! The victims, for their part, are gender-neutral. Both men and women are victims of theft, rape, kidnapping, murder, etc. In addition to these, there are some acts of violence, such as sexual violence for example, which affect women in particular.
In neighborhoods controlled by gangs, women and girls are not allowed to refuse the sexual advances of gang leaders, or they risk losing their lives. Women’s bodies become a tool for criminal thugs to establish their power of domination over an entire population and control people’s resistance against how the situation is degenerating.
Clashes in the suburbs, attacks on people’s houses in all corners of Port-au-Prince and provincial cities drive people from their homes,  women are the first victims because they are the ones running with their children to sleep on the streets.
Women selling in the market, “Madan Sara” bringing food to the city despite the fact that the gangs have closed most of the national roads, are victims of rape every day, and the theft of everything they own, which leaves them in complete poverty.
Other violence women are subjected to is in the issue of passports, where racketeers, in collusion with some agents in the same State, not only increase the price of passports by several multiples, but force some women to sleep with them to get the document.
Above all else, violence against women and girls is discrimination. It is a great shame for the Haitian government that takes the tax the population pays and does nothing to alleviate its suffering. In a context where there are neither services nor answers to guarantee women’s sexual rights and reproductive health, women and girls who are victims of this violence are exposed to great risks such as: pregnancy, connected llnesses , loss of self-esteem, suicide, to cite only these. In these conditions, the most frequent victims are pregnant women, breastfeeding women, disabled women, elderly women, women with children, single women with children, women in the informal sector, especially “Madan Sara” and children without family protection.
One of the consequences of this type of violence is to remove the dignity of the victims and terrorize the rest of the population. Other consequences of this situation are the increase and banalization of prostitution, pedophilia, sexual exploitation and abuse, etc. Another aspect of the situation is the impact on education where girls, like boys, cannot go to school to receive instruction. Many schools are forced to close their doors due to the threat of bandits and kidnappings of teachers, parents and students, while education is the greatest hope of a society.

We remind you that Haiti has ratified most of the conventions on human rights, among them the International Convention to eliminate all types of discrimination against women and girls and the Convention to combat all types of violence against women and girls. These acts of violence are clearly a violation of all these conventions!

What we are living through today is not an accident, it is the result of bad governance at the top of the State and a wide range of social inequalities and injustices that have existed for a long time and that affect especially the categories of people in the most vulnerable situations.
Despite these calamities, despite the passage in the desert, it is not too late! We can correct the situation and change our future if we join hands and stick together. But we must raise our feet because it could be sadder.
Therefore, we, the women’s and feminist organizations that sign here, raise our voices loudly to demand from the State:
1) Urgently lead a national investigation on all violations of human rights, in particular the rights of women in the country, which includes all that is done with complicity with the State, especially in the matter of passports;
2) Restore public security in the country to allow the displaced population to return to their homes;
3) Unblock all roads in the country and set up security to facilitate the normal flow of people, in all freedom;
4) Give the entire population, particularly women victims, access to the services they need (health, psychological support, education, economic means, justice, etc.);
5) Make an opening to find an agreement with other organized groups in politics, civil society, the business sector to allow us to get out of the governance crisis;
6) Set up a commission of inquiry to understand the level of implications of the Haitians who are on the list of sanctions taken by some foreign countries because they may be involved in conspiracies and gangs to destroy the country, and take the necessary measures according to the results of this investigation.
The state, if the state leaders continue on this irresponsible course, they do not belong in power, are incapable, or are accomplices. In this case, they should have the patriotism to give way to those who have the will and ability to lead the country.
In the spirit of April 3, 1986, we encourage all women’s and feminist organizations to unite and sit together to write a clear proposal that reflects the demands of everyone to help get the country out of this dire situation. Today, more than at any other time, the country needs women to help build another form of society based on respect for the rights of women and men, which offers the same opportunities to all citizens regardless of their social class, economic means, area where they live, their level of education, their physical condition, their age, etc.
Let’s join together and work to build a better, fairer, more egalitarian society that can build a better future for all citizens! To authenticate the note
CUREF (University Collective for the Research and Emancipation of Women):
_________ _____ ________
Coordinator, Kenise Phanord Secretary General, Ketleine Charles 

Women organization signatories:

Association des Femmes de Gros Morne (AFAGM), Nalda Odeus

Asosyasyon fanm Karenaj (AFAK), Marie Moneus

Asosyon fanm pou devlopman Ansavo Nip (AFADAN), Lisette Jn Pierre

Association des Femmes pour l’Avancement et le Progrès de Bois Neuf (AFAPROB), Maridieu Innocent

Asosyasyon fanm solèy Dayiti (AFASDA), Elvire Eugene

Association des femmes actifs de Trou du Nord (AFAT), Gladise Firmin

Asosyasyon fanm Devue Zetwa (AFDEZ), Mirlande Delisna

Asosyasyon fanm Fondelyann (AFF), Elise Laurore

Asosyasyon fanm vanyan 4e seksyon Miragwan (OFV4M)

Asosaysyon fanm komesan medizan (AFKM), Yvronise Bazille

Asosyasyon fanm Plezans (AFP), Verlande Fabien

Association des femmes actifs Monbin Crochu (AFAMC), Silvanie Bureau

Association des femmes de Ouanaminthe (AFO), Nerline Monpremier

Asosyasyon fanm vanyan Flip (AFVF), Midelaine Saintilma

Asosyasyon fanm Vanyan Peleren (AFVP), Jasmin Delaie

Association des jeunes entrepreneures de Ti Charite, Pierre Angeline

Asosyasyon fanm Kapotiy (AFK), Madou Adrien

Asosyasyon fanm vanyan pou chanjman de Bwa Marmelade (AFVPDM), Nergelie Marcien

Association des jeunes actifs pour le développement de Baja (AJADB), Thesuma Androit

Asosyasyon fanm aktiv Nip (AFKNIP), Mirlande Cenat

Action volontaire nouvelle identité de la femme (AVNIF), Guirlene Ocvil

Centre d’encadrement des filles adolescentes (CEFA), Maritane Noel

Coordination de groupement des femmes pour le développement de Grande Savanne (CFGRADS), Premilia Meraüs

Coordination des femmes pour l’épanouissement de Petit Trou de Nippes (COEFEPTN), Cherline Veuillard

Coordination de groupement des femmes pour le développement d’Aranud (CFGRADA), Elourdes Syphraus

Coordination des Femmes organisées commune Aquin (COFOCA)

Coordination pour le développement et l’intégration des femmes (CODIF), Nadie Jean Aubord

Collectif des femmes de l’Artibonite (COFA), Patricia Cassamajor

Collectif des femmes avisées d’Haïti pour le développement des initiatives économiques (COFAHDIE), Juliette Mondestin

Engagement des femmes et des filles pour l’environnement et le développement (EFED), Marie Sheyla Durandisse

Entr’elles, Stecie Guerrier

Èspwa Nòdès (ENE), Enice Monpremier

Organisation des femmes pour le développement de la commune des Verettes (FADECOV), Anette Genat

Fanm vanyan Lepal (FAVAL), Madeleine Figaro

Fanm Lyankou an Blók (FLAB), Renette Mésidort

Collectif féminin haïtien pour la participation politique des femmes, Fanm yo la, Lisa François

Òganizasyon fanm Peyan Dufou (FDP), Tamitha Bruneau

Femmes en action pour le développement du Centre (FADAC), Nadège Macena

Fanm an aksyon Gotye (FAG), Solange Altirin

Fédération des Femmes du Bas Artibonite (FEFBA), Gerda Bien Aimé

Fédération des femmes organisées du Nord (FEFONORD), Anise Thémène

Femmes en évolution (FEV), Jessy Kénol Saint Marc

Fanm tèt kole (FTK), Marie-Rose Jean

Fanm lidè Debaryè Lagon (FLDL), Marjorie Charles

Gwoup fanm kap travay pou avansman Vido (GFKTAV), Premise Timeau

Inisyativ fanm lakay (INIFAL), Marilyn Christine Fenelon

Ligue haitienne d’actions sociales (LHAS), Zola Lamothe

Kòdinasyon fanm pou devlopman Limonad, KOFADE, Estrella Pierre

Marie Isnise Romelus, Miliant feminis

Martine Irgie Dorcellus, militant feminis

Media Elle, Dieula Jean Louis

Mouvement des Femmes de Terre Sonné (MFTS), Louisina Valérie

Mouvman fanm Brinèt (MFB), Jean Ketie

Mouvman fanm byenfè Pèch (MFBP), Émilia Bélizaire

Mouvman Fanm Jasma Potno (MFJASMAP), Dutreuil Ismonise

Mouvman Fanm Progresis Dolan (MFPD), Venise Michel

Mouvman fanm Nip Baradè (MFNB), Mimose Delsy

Mouvman fanm vanyan Lamin (MFVL), Natacha Sainbert

Mouvement des femmes pour le développement de la Grand-Anse (MOFEDGA), Rose-Laure Aubord

Mouvman fanm volontè ak aksyon (MOFVA), Lucette Colin Casimir

Mouvman fanm peyizan Mengo (MPFM), Marie-Lourdes Charles

Milor Dexai, pwofesè nan fakilte Etnoloji

Organisation des Femmes Actives pour le Développement de St Marc (OFACDES), Fédna Laurent

Organisation des femmes pour l’Avancement de Dessalines (OFAD), Anilus Cleriméne Casseus

Organisation des Femmes Actives des Gonaïves (OFAG) Guerline Innocent

Òganizasyon fanm Kalvè Senterez, OFAKS, André Sildane,

Òganizasyon fanm Lakay (OFALAK), Florcie Monéro

Oganizasyon Fanm Peyizan Gwo Mòn (OFAPGM), André Edeline Anicile

Òganizasyon fanm pou lavni Ayiti (OFANLA), Kerlyne Blanc

Òganizasyon fanm Peyan Lazil(OFAPA), Marnoline Dessources

Òganizasyon fanm Bas du Fort/ Miragwan (OFASBAF), Orline Leger

Òganizasyon fanm Bwapou (OFB), Anikita Jean

Òganizasyon Fanm Charrette (OFC), Charline Norelus

Organisation des Fermmes pour le Development de l’Artibonite du Bedou (OFDAD), Roseline Limage

Organisation des femmes Decidee Raymond Petit Trou de Nippes (OFEDERPTIN), Dupont Joseph

Organisation des Femmes de la 4ème Section de Dessalines (OFD4SD), Evena Corisma

Organisation des femmes pour le développement social de Fort-Liberté (OFFDES), Adeline Menelus

Òganizasyon Fanm Kopere Verèt (OFHKOV), Juanita Exantus

Organisation des Femmes Intégrées pour le Progrès de Dessalines (OFID), Elmitha Cadet

Òganizasyon Fanm Koud Marmelade (OFKM), Marie Betie Deschamps

Organisation des Femmes pour l’Avancement de la Commune de Dessalines (OFLCD), Dasima Eliamene

Oganizasyon Fanm Platon (OFP), Jean Maitre Myrtha

Organisation de femmes de Petite Rivière de Quetant (OFPQ), Marie Yolaine Accolonne

Organisation des femmes pour le développement de la commune d’Arnaud Nippes (OFEDCANIPPES), Beatrice Jn Louis

Organisation des femmes Solidaires de l’Artibonite (OFSA)

Organisation des femmes Solidaires de Trou Sable (OFST)

Òganizasyon fanm vanyan pou devlopman Kafou Lendi (OFVDKL), Marie Marthe Plessimond

Òganizasyon fanm Vanyan de Tè Nèv (OFVTN), Wilméne Jean Jacques

Òganizasyon fanm Ri Mas (OFVR), Guerline Thomas

Organisation pour le Renforcement des Femmes Baissé-levées Verrettes (OREFEBV), Lucienne Cyrius Lessage

Organisation Sociale pour Sauver l’Artibonite (OSSA)

Òganizasyon tèt ansanm pou devlopman Plezans Nip (OTDPN), Maleine Alcima

Platfòm fanm solèy klere (PLAFASOK), Wilnie Saintil

Plateforme des Organisations de Femmes pour le Developpement de l’Artibonite (PLAFODA), Louisette Vertilus

Plateforme des organisations de femmes pour l’avancement du Centre (POFAC), Marseille Lundad

Plateforme des Organisations des Femmes de Gros Morne (POFCGM), Saintanise Jean

Plateforme des organisations de femmes haïtiennes pour le développement (POFHAD), Eunide Innocent

Plateforme des Organisations de Femmes pour l’Avancement de la Commune de Marmelade (PROFACOM), Helene Saint-Jules

Rasableman Fanm Lenbe (RAFAL), Adeline Charlot

Rassemblement des Femmes pour le Développement de Terre Neuve (RAFEDET), Marie Noel

Regroupement des femmes actives pour le développement de Trou du Nord (REFADET), Magalie Geffrad

Rezo fanm aktif Kapotiy (REFAK), Wideline Caméus

Rezo fanm Nip (REFANIP), Lila Zephirin

Regroupement national des femmes candidates (RENAFECA), Wislaine Dorcelus

Rassemblement des filles d’Anacaona, Lovelie Pierre

Rassemblement femmes engagées Ouanaminthe (RFEO), Roselene Pierre

Rasanbleman fanm Vosye (RFV), Guerline Pierre

Rasanbleman fanm vanyan Basfò (RFVB), Bensie Marseille

Réseaux des organisations de femmes de Petit-Goave (RESOFPEG), Myriam Jean

Regroupement des jeunes pour le développement de Madeline, Pierre Darline

Solidarité fanm Kapotiy (SFK), Nicole Pierre

Union pour le développement et le respect des femmes haïtiennes (UDREF), Nancy Dessejour Policier

Union des femmes Nippes (UFENI), Sofia Lumène

Zèklè G