October 15, 2022

By Frantz Duval

The American negotiations won’t get to the essential.

The government wishes to stay in power as long as possible. The Montana opposition wishes to be gifted with the power. The United States emits the same oohs and ahs. And the dance of egos goes on as Haitians die.

Those who know the locals know they will never address the problems. It’s all about gaining power. And the internationals with the best will in the world, while pursuing their interests, can’t do anything in Haiti without the cooperation of the locals. These, every one of them, think they can roll the blanc. And they all think this can go on forever.

If the fuel supply is restored, cholera addressed, the police bucked up, and the gangs dispersed, the internationals will claim mission accomplished. What will be more difficult will be to make Haiti a normal country.


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The award-winning Le Nouvelliste columnist Frantz Duval was a member of the Haiti Democracy Project’s thirty-fifth business delegation to Washington ten years ago. Le Nouvelliste is the oldest daily in Haiti, founded in 1898.