It can be hard for some to accept the advent of an entrepreneur of the stature of Reginald Boulos. Politicians making easy money will refuse to give up their throne to someone who believes you’ve got to work to attain results. The arrival of a businessman-politician is a blessing for Haiti and a menace to the despoilers. Reginald Boulos is seen as a ray of hope who will pull Haiti out of its social inequality and poverty. If we see through the government’s blather about him, we see the man of the moment and the hope for tomorrow. President Moïse would have us believe that our economic misery has nothing to do with his three years in power but is all about the loans the social-security administration made to Reginald Boulos. Even though he has scrupulously observed their terms. This is just one more gratuitous conflict whose shadow the president has cast over the country.
Thus the palace’s campaign to discredit Reginald Boulos, someone who paid the Haitian state $18 million in taxes during 2018. They would do better to give him a plaque than to engage in this disinformation. On December 18, 2019 Reginald Boulos launched the Third Way political party to the acclaim of the six hundred present, while being criticized and defamed by the political and economic mafia. He will be the bourgeois leader of the next social and political revolution. What he will do in 2020 we don’t know. But the indications are that he will be the new spokesperson of the oppressed and proponent of a modern opposition.