Sponsored by the Haiti Democracy Project, forty women candidates have postponed their meeting in Delmas 35 to plot their campaigns for many lower-chamber and senate seats in the next elections. There are 119 seats in the lower house, of which 3 are taken by women, and 30 senators of which one is a woman.

Anyone who believes that that is too few should get in touch with the Haiti project at (202) 588-8700 or with Wiselaine Dorcélus in Haiti (e-mail  wisialix16@yahoo.fr). She is the national coordinator of the Reseau National des Femmes Candidates (RENAFEC), an offshoot of the Haiti Democracy Project. There is still time to join the conference.

The conference will take stock of the year just ending during which RENAFEC recruited some forty women candidates and about 1,529 supporters to get out the vote. RENAFEC held a dozen training camps all over Haiti during 2018-19 to recruit and prepare women candidates for the challenge.