Les étrangers —

“N’est-ce pas eux qui décident quand il faut avoir des élections ?”
Haiti Democracy Project: No, the Haitian constitution decides that. Then the foreigners badger Haiti to finally hold elections that are long delayed beyond the constitutional dates.
“N’est-ce pas eux qui décident qui gagnent ou qui perdent”?
No, the Haitian voters decide that. When a Haitian president intervenes to make the electoral commission count votes that had been quarantined for fraud, the United States sends a verification mission to reverse that. It didn’t decide. The voters did.
“N’est-ce pas eux qui décident quand il faut avoir transition ou non ?”
No, the U.S. government craves stability in Haiti, covets a smooth succession of elected presidents, and abhors extra-legal “transitions.” 
Hey, U.S. foreign policy is replete with sins, from the atrocity of Vietnam to support for authoritarian tyrants. But we don’t need to invent new ones. Rather, Nouvelliste writers need to check their facts before putting out such innuendos. Le Nouvelliste, March 2, 2019