We’re not claiming that he has been a particularly effective president — no Haitian president has been, for structural reasons elaborated on elsewhere. But there is no doubt that he was overwhelmingly elected, in fact twice. The first time was October  2015 with 33 percent of the vote, well ahead of  the runner-up’s 25 percent. Our test of this election was with 208 accredited observers, who reported that it went acceptably in 97 percent of the polling places they covered. Click on “Verifying 2015 Election” to the right to see the full text of their reports.

This election was overthrown by the losing candidates — leaders of today’s demonstrations — using violence. No real evidence against the tabulation was ever produced. A million valid votes went into the dumpster so that the losers could have another chance. When they got that chance in November 2016, Jovenel Moïse barreled ahead with 56 percent of the vote, winning on the first round. Our test of this election was with four hundred photographs of the returns in the polling places, before they even went to the Tabulation Center. Thus our tally was completely independent of the electoral commission’s. Our sample comprised 4 percent of the national total. Our results tracked the electoral commission’s very closely, independently verifying its count. You can see each and every one of the photos at “Verifying 2016 Election” to the right. The losers are seeking to gain on the streets the power they could not win at the polls.