Originally: Le développement des régions mettra un terme aux boat people selon Melius Hippolithe


Senator Hyppolite
Sen. Mélius Hyppolite

“I am shocked by the disappearance of thirty Haitians off the coast of the Bahamas last week. The majority of such boat people leave from the Nord-Ouest Department. These desperate people embark on flimsy boats to seek a better life elsewhere.

“I am appalled by the waste of my region’s great potential. Haiti has enough natural resources to support its people. The resources of the Nord-Ouest are not being used.

“We need infrastructure such as an airport, dams on the three rivers, and roads. The dams would allow the irrigation of more than thirty thousand hectares and generate enough electricity for the whole region.

“If the economic and especially touristic potential were realized, Haitians would not be tempted by the boats. The industrial parks should not be confined to the capital and Cap-Haïtien.”

Senator Hyppolite was a member of the Haiti Democracy Project’s Third Senatorial Delegation in February 2012

Full interview on Radio Métropole