Originally: The political underground games in Haiti: Testimonies of an ex-child soldier today member of an armed gang

1. Introduction
I am Sherlson SANON. Identified by the RNA of the National Identification card number: 02-01-99-1988-12-00245, I was born in Jacmel December 16, 1988.

In 1999, I was then eleven (11) years old and in precarious situation, when the ex-Senator Joseph LAMBERT, which introduced me into the criminal sector, approached me. Today he is the Counselor of the President of the Republic Joseph Michel MARTELLY.

I spontaneously decided to stop my criminal activities. This is why, while placing  me at the disposal of Justice, on March 12, 2013, I went to the National Network of Defense of the Human Rights (RNDDH) in order to make this testimony.

II. My Enrolment as conveyor of drug
In 1999, the former Senator Joseph LAMBERT proposed to me to be his friend because, it saw in me, a young boy intelligent with a great future. At that time, Joseph LAMBERT was not yet a Senator. However, it was very close to the then senator, Fourel CELESTIN.

It is how I integrated the KAKOS base, located at St Anne Street, in Jacmel. My operator?s name is Andrebert SANON. The ex-Senator Joseph LAMBERT who was also responsible for my education and introduction in crime, gave me that name. Indeed, I received training in recognition of cocaine. I also learned how to make use of firearms, to drive cars and motorcycles, before receiving materials for work such as, gloves, weapons, ammunition, etc. Click here to know Rosemead attorneys for marijuana charges so that it is not repeated.

After my education, the ex-Senator Joseph LAMBERT urged me to ensure the transport of cargoes of drug. I was to transport these cargoes from Rue de la Ravine à Lamandou, to the house of a security agent of Joseph LAMBERT, called Kern DESAMOUR. I received two thousand (2000) gourds for this work.

As I worked, the ex-Senator gave me other responsibilities like the transport of cargoes of firearms or the transport of cargoes of drug to distant places. Indeed, I am also accustomed to transport drug to the current government Commissioner of the Court of First Instance of Croix des Bouquets, Lenny THELISMA, on behalf of the current adviser of President Joseph Michel MARTELLY. However, Leny THELISMA which lives at Martissant 7, does not receive drug at his place, but at a house at Carrefour Fleuriot.

Meanwhile, the Senator Joseph LAMBERT advised me to give up my studies, convincing me that the diplomas and certificates do not worth anything in Haiti. He affirmed that he could help me have them, without the need for me to go to school. Moreover, he promised me a car, a house and employment in a public office. The lawyers from www.jnlawoffices.com/DUI-attorney/ can help with cases involving injuries or any other issues under the influence.

The ex-Senator Joseph LAMBERT also rented a house where the members of the KAKOS gang are lodged when they go to Port-au-Prince, particularly for missions. This house is located at # 29, Impasse Wallace, Route de Frères. Moreover, the Government Commissioner of the Court of First Instance of the Croix des Bouquets, Me Lenny THELISMA put his own house, located at Martissant 7, at the disposal of base KAKOS.

This base has at least seventeen (17) individuals. They are:

Edner COME known under the name of Jackson TRAVELLINO, currently sought by the National police force of Haiti (PNH) within the framework of the judicial enquiry related to the dismantling of the Clifford BRANDT?s gang.
Yvener POMPY
Herlain THELEMAQUE, a police candidate
Fabienne LOUIS
Jean Edwidge Roy known under the name of Papouche
Roy Sherlson SANON known under the name of Andrebert SANON
Saint-Fleur ROY
Raymond FRID
Berthony alias Tchampan

III. The first crimes, which I perpetrated
A. Assassination of foreigners in Jacmel

In 1999, me, Sherlson SANON, I killed on behalf of the ex-Senator Joseph LAMBERT, the foreigner named Céline MOULIER which had come to develop an organization in Jacmel. She lived in Civadier. I received two thousand (2000) gourdes for her execution.

The day of the crime, I was accompanied by Alain MOISE. He is a National policeman of Haiti (PNH). When I carried out the execution on the road of Makary, Céline MOULIER was driving a white Toyota doubles cabin. The same day, the father of the victim, Fernand MOULIER, was also assassinated by Alain MOISE. Getting a lawyer to help with the legalities from www.criminaldefenselawyervirginia.com/dui/ in such cases is a good idea.

The gang received the order to drive the vehicle of Céline MOULIER to the garage of Jacky CAROLLI, located at St Cyr, Jacmel. The parts of the vehicle were sold. The carcass is still in the garage.

After the assassination of the two (2 ) foreigners, I was taken along to Dominican Republic, in Bahia Prencipe Hotel, Bavaro located at Punta Gana, while waiting for the situation to clear.

B. Gas de Kern Desamour
Kern DESAMOUR was a member of the gang. He was in charge of the security of the ex-Senator?s drug depot. Once, he received for mission to take a cargo of drug to ex-Senator Fourel CELESTIN. However, Kern DESAMOUR preferred to take the drug and sale it to Jacky CAROLLI.

I had the mission to assassinate Kern DESAMOUR for this violation.

On October 30, 2006, I carried out the assassination of Kern DESAMOUR. I shot him three (3) times while he was in a bar-restaurant located at Lamandou. At the time of the crime, Yvener POMPY, another member of the gang, specialized in such type of executions, was present. The ex-Senator Joseph LAMBERT gave the weapon for the crime to me personally.

After the assassination of Kern DESAMOUR, police officers based in Jacmel received the order to say that a police officer killed him. Meanwhile, I was taken to the Dominican Republic, where I spent three (3) months, at the same hotel, Bahia Prencipe Hotel, Bavaro located at Punta Gana. Each time, the ex-senator who visited me each month dealt with all my expenditure.

After a three (3) months retirement, the ex-senator came to pick me up. Arrived at Jacmel, he offered a motor bike to me which he bought himself at Edo Zenny for thirty-five thousand (35.000) gourds.

IV. My introduction to Senator Edwin ZENNY

In 2006, because of the multiple rendered services and especially, because I always was conscientious in the execution of my missions, the Senator Joseph LAMBERT presented me to Senator Edwin ZENNY known under the name of Edo ZENNY. From this moment, I had two (2) bosses.

However, with Senator Edwin ZENNY, my contacts multiplied. Moreover, my work as a carrier became more important. I was authorized to take the cargoes at Jacky CAROLLI and Joel CAROLLI on behalf of senators Edwin ZENNY and ex-senator Joseph LAMBERT.

Saint-Fleur Roy and Jean Edwidge Roy known under the name of Papouche Roy and Eddy JEAN always secured the cargoes taken at Lamandou. Today, Eddy JEAN is the owner of a clothing shop located in Lamandou 1.

V. My implication in the acts of violence recorded at the time of the elections of 2010
For the elections of 2010, Senator Joseph LAMBERT supported the parliamentary candidate Kenol CHARLES. My job was to fill the ballot boxes for the candidate Kenol CHARLES. The other members of KAKOS base helped me. Then, the agents of the Mission of the United Nations for Stabilization in Haiti (MINUSTAH), accompany me with the ballot boxes to the polling station of Meyer, a commune of South-east.

I must stress that these frauds was to support the candidate Kenol CHARLES who won the elections and is now a Representative for the district of Cayes-Jacmel.

After the elections, in particular at the beginning of the year 2011, Senator Edwin ZENNY joined Joseph Michel MARTELLY, and temporarily put some distance between him and Senator Joseph LAMBERT. To be avenged, Senator Edwin ZENNY offered three thousand (3000) American dollars to us to me and Yvener POMPY to torch his own vehicle, a white Hummer 4X4, which was then in Lamandou. Then, he accused the Senator Joseph LAMBERT to set this fire.

Following the fire, agents of the PNH including one called Arland BEROUETTE, paid by Senator Edwin ZENNY, went to Lamandou and stated in their official report to have noticed the vehicle of the Senator Joseph LAMBERT who escaped.

VI. Some examples of other crimes perpetrated by the gang Edo ZENNY/Joseph LAMBERT

1. On September 1, 2012, I was engaged by Senator Edwin ZENNY to carry out the assassination of Reyista DESAMOUR. Having failed after several attempts, a voodoo priest, Jean Marie DOMOND received ten thousand (10.000) American dollars to execute him. He was thereafter arrested on October 16, 2012. Jean Marie DOMOND is today in the Civil Prison of Jacmel. The small daughter of Reyista DESAMOUR, received a bullet in her thigh.

2. On November 17, 2012, in Jacmel, the KAKOS gang participated in the kidnapping of small Jorym Sam ETIENNE, three (3) years old. This crime was perpetrated on the instigation of Senator Edwin ZENNY who is the lover of a girl living in that house. The family of the girl reproached her of maintaining a love affair with the Senator, a married man, who in addition, maintains several mistresses. She reported the facts to the Senator who, to give them a lesson, ordered the removal of Jorym Sam ETIENNE. The killing of the agronomist Jean Marie Patrice ETIENNE, was not intended. However, this one, believing that he was dealing with robbers, drew the first. One of the gangsters, Alain MOISE received a projectile on his arm. It is while counteracting that the agronomist Jean Marie Patrice ETIENNE was killed. To release Jorym Sam ETIENNE, the family had to pay the ransom of forty thousand (40.000) American dollars.

3. Two (2) other assassinations were perpetrated on behalf of the Senator Edwin ZENNY, on February 5, 2013. These two (2) individuals were killed because they struck the vehicle of Senator Edwin ZENNY. They were riddled with bullets. They were, Jerry DARTOIS and Mr. C Hammer DARTOIS. For this work, Senator Edwin ZENNY offered the sum of thousand five hundred (1.500) American dollars to Yvener POMPY, Eddy JEAN and Berthony alias Tchampan. They were riding a  motorcycle tagged MC 7030.

4. On March 6, 2013, the Senator Joseph LAMBERT entrusted four (4) 9 millimeters guns to me to bring them to the KAKOS base, located in La Saline. I gave these weapons to Yvener POMPY and Jean Edwidge Roy, known under the name of Papouche Roy.

5. On April 5, 2013, the KAKOS gang received a mission from the ex-senator Joseph LAMBERT to go to Marigot, in the house of Jetho SANON, the registrar of this commune. The gang carried sixteen (16) cartons filled with drug. This drug was taken to Christophe LAMBERT at Breman.

6. On April 7, 2013, the ex-Senator and Adviser of the President of the Republic gave me six (6) 9 millimeters guns, with the mission to bring them to La Saline and give them to Raymond FRID, Jean Edwidge Roy, Fresny BALTAZAR, Jude MIUEN, etc

7. On April 10, 2013, several members of the gang, went on board two (2) vehicles of which one belonging to Senator Edwin ZENNY, registered OFF 00828, driven by Edner LIKE, and the other a gray Land Cruiser, belonging to Joseph LAMBERT, transported six (6) boxes of cocaine from Jacmel to Ouanaminthe. This drug was delivered to an authority of the city. Eddy JEAN, Berthony alias Tchampan, Alain MOISE, and myself, we were in the second vehicle.

Cacite BERTRAND, a cousin of my mother was killed in Peredo by Alain MOISE. He was a merchant. He was accused of having contrary political opinions to those of the ex-Senator Joseph LAMBERT.

Dalbert BERTRAND was killed by Eddy JEAN, and Yvener POMPY, on orders of the Senator Joseph LAMBERT.

VII. The orders which I chose not to carry out

In February 2013, the ex-Senator Joseph LAMBERT urged me to assassinate the Representative Sorel HYACINTH. He gave me a bottle, which I was to place inside or under the vehicle of the Representative Sorel HYACINTH, a gold Land Cruiser. Moreover, he gave me a portable telephone with a recorded vocal message saying that the Representative Arnel BELIZAIRE had communicated with the Representative Sorel HYACINTH and that he had fixed for him an appointment to go to La Saline.  I also received for mission to place in the vehicle of the Senator MOISE JEAN CHARLES, a box of drug to cause the arrest of the opposition Senator. I started by carrying out this work. I already had the drug in my possession. All was planned. I finally decided not to take action. Moreover, I had also started de process for the execution of the Representative Levaillant LOUIS JEUNE before April 29, 2013.

According to all probability, the ex-senator Joseph LAMBERT makes a point to eliminate the Representatives Sorel HYACINTH and Levaillant LOUIS JEUNE because of the statements they made on several radio-stations of the Capital, saying that the ex-Senator cannot live in Haiti without the benefit of the parliamentary immunity or the cover of a political power.

VIII. Members of the legal apparatus imply in the acts
The chiefs of the KAKOS gang, ex-Senator Joseph LAMBERT and senator Edwin ZENNY control the legal apparatus of Southeast. When the members of the gang are arrested, they intervene and often, the KAKOS gang members are released from prison.

IX. Conclusion to push me to carry out these orders which I chose to ignore, ex-Senator Joseph LAMBERT once again promised me his Toyota Prado, a house, employment for me and also employment for my wife.

However, I do not want to work anymore for the ex-Senator Joseph LAMBERT nor for Senator Edwin ZENNY. When I made my decision known to the ex-Senator Joseph LAMBERT, he gave to the other members of KAKOS gang, the clear and precise instructions to kill me. I thus expect to die at any time. This is why, for the history and the truth, I made this testimony so that no one is unaware of the political underground games in Haiti, from which I was victim, under the attraction of the easy money.

Made in Port-au-Prince, on April 23, 2013

Sherlson SANON