Originally: Haiti : Crise électorale et effet d?hystérésis

Leslie PeanAll the tricks in the world cannot hide the massive fraud of the elections of November 28, 2010. A number of observers traced the chicanery of the election commission in all its dimensions. In particular James Morrell [10] of the Haiti Democracy Project exposed on the internet the techniques of fraud (documented by photos) which allow us to penetrate that arbitrary world and see how this mascarade was actually put together. The comparison of the hand-written polling returns to the printed posted results shows the invisible fraud which certain people tried extremely hard to disregard or hide entirely. The votes of the Unité candidates were inflated from 18 on the polling returns to 118 or 218 on the posted results. From the sick minds of the Unité party and the electoral commission came a swarm of inventions that proliferated throughout the electoral process. What was suspicion hardened into certainty. Unité and Préval’s electoral commission were ingenious in their scheming to assure the victory sought by their candidates. They showed a diabolical consistency in their pursuit and perfection of electoral fraud.



10. https://haitipolicy.org/fraud.html