Dear Mr. Morrell,


The Joint Mission followed up on the information you brought to our attention concerning the PVs from Ouanaminthe which you posted on your web site.


– 13 of the 14 incriminating results sheets (PVs) arrived at the Tabulation Centre (CTV) in their sealed transparent envelopes.


– in accordance with the procedures of the CTV, once the integrity of the sealed transparent envelope had been verified, the results on the sheet were inputted by two separate computer operators;


– the results posted on the web site are identical to the results on the results sheets in the sealed transparent envelopes;


– 4 of the 13 sealed transparent envelopes were opened because of necessary reconstitution we were informed;


– 9 of the 14 results sheets are still in their sealed transparent envelopes in the CTV archives;


– verification of the 14 results sheets indicates that the results in letters and in numbers were falsified in favour of Joazard Claude of Inite party;


– it is noteworthy that though 4 of the 13 sealed transparent envelopes were opened for reconstitution because they were badly written up, in the presence of witnesses we were told as is the required procedure, the obvious signs of fraud/alterations were not picked up;


– the Mission was informed that the CTV had set aside 5 other results sheets in the name of the same candidate totalling 1054 votes which were not included in the preliminary results;


– in the forthcoming verification of the tabulation exercise, attention will need to be paid to the PVs with a winning result under 150. Winning results of 225 and subsequently 150 were the control thresholds used to identify PVs for visual verification by the Legal Control Unit of the CTV. The JEOM had indicated to the CTV officials at the outset that the 225 threshold was was far too high in view of the low voter turnout and the probability of results manipulation at levels lower than gross ballot stuffing;


– the matter has been brought to the attention of the CEP for rectification, for putting in place tighter verification measures, and for taking action against those involved, including the polling station officials, culpable of manipulating the results.


Many thanks for bringing these examples of the fraudulent manipulation of the results to the attention of the Joint Mission.


Best regards


Colin Granderson