DECEMBER 21, 2010


This is report is based on the 11,171 « Procès Verbal » posted on CEP website.
The report was generated into a database. The conclusions are as follow:

1. 312 « Procès Verbal » have been put in Quarantine because of obvious disproportionate voting or obvious ballot stuffing as of 225 or more votes per candidate.

2. 34,909 Votes of Jude Celestin are placed in Quarantine by the CEP due to a suspicious disproportionate amount of votes for that one candidate.

3. CEP Electoral rules states that Voting Centers should receive 480 TOTAL ballots.  450 for Voters, 20 for ?mandataires? and 10 Extras.

4. An analysis by the Haiti Democracy Project Electoral Observer Mission finds an additional 18,202 votes having same characteristics as those votes quarantined by the CEP. Those votes are more than twice the margin of difference between the second place and third place finishers.

5. Celestin received over 300 votes in 61 voting stations and over 400 in 9 voting station s where the election had an average turnout of 107 votes, all already quarantined. 

6. Several Voting Centers, where the total registered voters were less than the number that actually voted.  by more than 130 voters

7. Most of Celestin fraudulous  « Procès Verbal » are showing votes of 150 to 225. By eliminating those, he loses 25,365 Votes.

8. Over 30 % of Mr. Celestin? votes strongly appear to be fraudulent.