The Haiti Democracy Project’s electoral mission is comparing the over four hundred legislative returns it has from the Nord-Est Department against the ones just posted by the electoral commission on its website.

In our initial small sampling of some thirty-seven returns there are seven discrepancies between the two sets of returns, which reverse the outcome at one voting center; the CEP’s posted returns are incorrect and incomplete. We will post fuller reports as we plow through the data.

In our review of the presidential balloting in the Ecole Mixte of Ouanaminthe, there are two suspect presidential returns out of forty-three. One, as discovered by the blogger “prophet N” allots an improbable 212 votes to Jude Célestin who averaged less than fifteen in the other forty-two BVs. Another allots an improbable 102 to Jacques Edouard Alexis who scores close to zero in all the other BVs. In all the forty-three BVs except this one, Mirland Manigat averages a hundred votes.