On December 6, 2010 the Haiti Democracy Project’s electoral mission gained access to some four hundred carbon copies of polling-station returns. At the Tabulation Center, we proposed comparing them to those received by the center to verify the results. The Tabulation Center refused, giving no reason.

Instead, it published its results without taking advantage of this opportunity for prior comparison with independent records.

Of the two races covered by the returns we had, the results for one were completely falsified to change the outcome of the election. See the documents posted in our article “How the Fraud Was Done”  on this web page. In the other race, one voting center had been falsified.

Haitian electoral law accords accredited observers the right to examine all aspects of electoral operations throughout the country.

The barring of our accredited electoral mission from verification at the Tabulation Center, while admitting an OAS unit that has been ineffective in its verification mission there, raises questions of selectivity and intent to shape the outcome of electoral observation.

The letter submitted to the Tabulation Center follows: