Originally: Question-and-Answer Period, OAS Election Briefing

Appearing at the Organization of American States’ “Update on Elections and Perspectives on Reconstruction Efforts” on October 27, 2010, project director James Morrell posed this question from the audience to Amb. Colin Granderson, chief of the OAS observers’ mission, and Amb. Albert Ramdin, assistant secretary-general.

“I noticed that over a month ago, there was a public airing of disagreement in Port-au-Prince between the OAS and Prof. Rosny Desroches on the elections. Nevertheless, you have shown the fairness to invite Professor Desroches to this panel so that we can have the benefit of his insights. I commend you for that.

“The substance of the disagreement was that when the OAS secretary-general met with civil-society and political-party leaders, it was carefully explained to him how the electoral board had been picked in violation of Article 289 of the constitution, how it was not independent, not credible, and in fact handpicked by President Préval.

“A day later, the secretary-general pronounced the commission to be totally credible.

“The question is, if you have already decided, why leave the observers in for another month? Why not just write your report now?”