Originally: Haiti Recovery Commission Update on Haiti’s Progress

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Summary (not verbatim)

ABC News: What happened to the $9 billion pledged to Haiti?

Cheryl Mills: It is being well spent, it is not being wasted. Clean water has been provided, vaccinations, the feared epidemic has been averted. There remains a long road to recovery.

ABC News: Private aid agencies say aid is held up in customs, officials waiting for payola.

Cheryl Mills: It is a legitimate challenge, how to sit with the government to eliminate these delays.

ABC News: We don’t sense that the government is even present.

Cheryl Mills: It is present. We must remember government in Haiti is not the same as in the United States, where it provides the roads we travel on and services we need. In Haiti it has always delivered at a low level. Twenty-eight of twenty-nine ministries collapsed in the earthquake. It is not surprising then that the government is not in evidence. In the tsunami and other disasters, the most visible turning point was eighteen months to two years out.