Whereas the colonial presence of the United Nations on the territory of Haiti with its soldiers, its armed units, and its proconsuls is an obstacle to the national independence and the exercise of national sovereignty by the Haitian people.

Whereas the U.N. occupation is an affront to the national dignity, injurious to the right of self-determination of the Haitian people, dismissive of the right of the Haitians to decide and administer themselves, and constitutes an insult to the first Black Republic in the world.

Whereas the Security Council of the United Nations should bring an end to this occupation which tarnishes the image of the country and injures national pride.

Whereas the international community has always chosen the least capable of our citizens to put in charge of national affairs leading directly to the situation that we face today.

Whereas Haitians devoted to the spirit of liberty and justice and having the ability to govern are always excluded.

Whereas the group put in charge of the country by the Latin American imperialists has done everything to maintain the occupation which protects their selfish interests and leaves the population exposed to risks and perils.

Whereas the Haitian people are sufficiently mature to take their destiny in hand.

Whereas the people have not asked for the presence of foreign troops on the land of Dessalines and Pétion to assure their security.

Whereas the country has worthy people capable of governing and representing the public interest who could take the country in hand.

Whereas the presence of the U.N. soldiers constitutes an insult for the Haitian people, to the national dignity of Haiti, and to the honor of being a founding member of the U.N.

Whereas the sums of money spent on MINUSTHA have no impact on the country?s economy.

Whereas the sums spent on MINUSTHA could be used rationally to create a new national force for protection of the territory, to carry out visible actions for development, to protect the environment, and to promote and consolidate democracy in Haiti.

Whereas the culture of peace, its maintenance and flourishing, can only come from within.

We, the citizens signing this petition, ask:

a. All the international institutions and foreign ministries to respect the right of the Haitian people to administer themselves and to help a people which has contributed to universal ideals of progress and humanity reconquer its sovereignty.

b. The foreign governments which provide the soldiers forming the military contingent of the United Nations in Haiti to repatriate their soldiers now in Haiti and to cease definitively sending new soldiers here.

c. The American government, the European Union, the secretary-general of the United Nations, the European Parliament, the countries and powers who are the friends of Haiti to respect the right of the Haitian people to live in an independent territory and to operate the institutions of a republic exercising national sovereignty without the soldiers of the United Nations.

d. The international community to maintain and transfer to competent Haitian institutions the budget of MINUSTHA for a period of five years to support the Haitian institutions in protecting the territory, security, and democracy.

We demand immediately:

1. A timetable for the disoccupation of our territory, i.e. a timetable for the departure from the territory of the United Nations troops.

2. Launching of mechanisms to create a new public force for protection of the national territory.

3. Removal of the U.N. proconsuls who, by issuing orders to the national institutions, block the expression of popular sovereignty

4. Return of the country into the hands of its sons and daughters with a national conscience and who have a sense of the common interest.