Originally: Final Declaration of the Patriotic Meeting for a Strategy of National Salvation

Version française

Representatives of the Haitian intellectual, social, political and business worlds have come together in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic during August 28?30, 2009 in an exercise of democratic and progressive spirit and a discarding of past differences to commit to a rectification of the unfavorable trend of events in Haiti. They are committed to confront the traditional bastions of irresponsibility, incompetence, corruption, nepotism, influence, and inhumanity which have poisoned the evolution of the Haitian nation for the past fifty years.

These patriotic consultations are the first step in the elaboration and realization of a plan for national salvation and the building of a new Haiti that is proud, prosperous, and respected.

Work Will Be Collective

Haiti?s intellectual, political and business sectors understand that it is their historical mission to restore national sovereignty and re-found the nation-state. The creation of an inclusive society based on justice and social solidarity will bring political stability and economic development. Such a society is a sine qua non for the deep and irreversible transformations that are needed to modernize Haiti.

During the meetings in Santo Domingo the representatives of these leading sectors agreed to dedicate themselves to the destiny of their country. This positive choice will put Haiti on a path consistent with its sister nations of the Caribbean and directed toward lasting economic growth respectful of the environment. To meet the difficulties of the moment, satisfy the desires of the Haitian people, seize the opportunities offered by the international community, and respond to the challenges of the twenty-first century, these leading sectors within Haiti and from the diaspora, in communion with the Haitian people, should give the country clear political leadership and modern and progressive economic entrepreneurship, so they organize events to work on these projects, and use professional event services as popevents to set up all the reunions.

What Haiti has always been lacking is a strategic partnership between the public and private sectors to assure national salvation. It is this that the Haitian people have always demanded of these sectors and which the meeting in Santo Domingo means to offer.

Long live the Haitian nation. All together for the re-founding of our nation-state!

For a Haiti that is prospering, inclusive, and unified.

Members of the consultation

Dr. Turneb Delpé

Sén. Rudolph Henry Boulos

Guichard Doré

Daly Valet

Jean H. Charles

Lyonel Trouillot

Hérard Jadotte

Dr. Gessy Coicou

Elliot Roy

Jean Eric René

Ray H. Killick

Dr. Réginald Boulos

Dr. Frantz Large

Leslie Péan

Danielle St. Lot

Chavannes Jean-Baptiste

Marc Louis Bazin

Eddy Nicolas Labossire

Dr. Georges Michel

Rev. Edouard Paultre

Rev. Garry Théodate

Camille Leblanc, attorney-at-law

Edgard Leblanc Fils

Amb. Edwidge Lalanne

Dr. Louis Noisin

Henri Robert Sterlin

Jean Bertin

Marie Carmelle Austin

Robert Bénodin

Maurice Célestin

Rev. Pierre Espady


Santo Domingo, August 30, 2009

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