Reporters sans Frontieres:

Dear Mr Morell,

I understand your words, but Reporters Without Borders does not accuse senator Rudi Boulos for facts that we cannot prove. The accusation is from Guyler C. Delva and you may know that our organization got tense relations with him in the past. Our mandate implicate to support Delva’s case, despite the past. As you know, he is now the head of the new commission against impunity and we need to join our efforts for this important goal. Reporters Without Borders just mentioned Delva’s conviction. No more.


. . . You can say that RSF mentioned what Guyler C Delva said but does not give any caution [backing] to his declaration.


Previous letter from James Morrell, director of Haiti Democracy Project, to Reporters sans Frontieres:



The Haiti Democracy Project was formed in Washington in 2002 to advance Haiti’s democratic development and recommend U.S. policies towards this goal. A founding member is Rudolph H. Boulos, now senator from the Nord-Est department.

In your dispatch, you repeated the claims by a Haitian political person, Joseph Guyler C. Delva, that Senator Boulos sent men to follow and intimidate him. This claim is false. Senator Boulos has done nothing of the kind, and no member of the Haiti Democracy Project uses violent tactics.


Mr. Delva is known in the Haiti field as an unreliable source. Your own secretary-general, Robert Menard, is among the many who have found him so, and said so publicly. More information is posted on our website.


None of the above detracts from our high regard for the work of RSF in Haiti over the years, which we hope will continue.



James R. Morrell