Ambassador Ernest H. Preeg, chairman of the Haiti Democracy Project, leads delegation to meet President Preval May 17 in Washington. (Here pictured arriving on mission in Port-au-Prince in 2005.) Pledged organization’s support for reconstruction, noted its observation of elections in 2006 and mobilization of diaspora for Haiti’s redevelopment. Also met with Haitian ambassador Raymond Joseph, the heads of both chambers of parliament, and U.S. ambassador to Haiti Janet Sanderson. Ambassador Preeg was U.S. ambassador to Haiti in 1982-84, is author of The Haitian Dilemma (Washington: Center for Strategic and International Studies, 1996), and is a founding board member of the Haiti Democracy Project. Accompanying Ambassador Preeg for the Haiti Democracy Project:

  • Lionel Delatour, founding  board member, Port-au-Prince
  • Georgina Gourdain, Beltsville, Md.
  • Gerald Gourdain, Beltsville
  • Elmide Meleance, Hyattsvile, Md.
  • Rev. Garry Theodate, Brockton, Mass.