Originally: Open Letter

September 26, 2006
Monsieur Robert Manuel
Special Assistant to the President
Palais National, Haiti
I am a proud Haitian citizen, and I believe strongly in democratic principles. The foundation of a democratic society is based on respect for the rule of law. As everyone knows, the key to success in ensuring the construction of a democratic society is ensuring that honest and capable citizens, who are respectful of the law, are appointed to implement the law.
It has come to my attention that Samba Boukman has been appointed as a member of the official Disarmament Commission. Samba Boukman has stated many times in various interviews with Haitian radio stations that he was a co-chief of ?Operation Baghdad?. This criminal operation claimed the lives of 1,939 Haitian citizens, killed and decapitated 108 police officers, and raped 237 girls and women.
The appointment of such individual is an insult to all Haitian citizens; an insult to the victims; an insult to those who believe in democracy, the law and human rights.
Christians like you and I believe in forgiveness after confession. However, out of respect for the victims, the best role that Samba Boukman can play in this process of disarmament and peace building is to confess his sins, ask for forgiveness and pay his debt to Haitian society.
I hope that you will join me in saying ?NO? to the appointment.  We are a nascent democracy. Let us stand up for what is just and defend what is legal.
Kembe la!
Stanley Lucas
Washington D.C.