Originally: Rangel Urges Passage of Expiring Trade Benefits

                      NEWS RELEASE


From Rep. Charles B. Rangel

Ranking Democrat, Committee on Ways and Means


Contact: Matthew Beck, 202-225-3526

September 25, 2006                                                                  

Rangel Urges Passage of Expiring Trade Benefits

Keeping trade benefits in place is more important than politics

WASHINGTON, DC – Ways and Means Ranking Member Charles B. Rangel issued the following statement today urging Congress to immediately pass H.R. 6142, the Haitian Hemispheric Opportunity through Partnership Encouragement Act of 2006:

“I would urge the House Leadership to place H.R. 6142 back on the suspension calendar so that Congress can pass these important trade benefits before they expire.  I understand there may be some disagreement among members as to the specifics of the bill, and I personally would have liked to have seen critical improvements on provisions pertaining to GSP and AGOA programs, but I would hope my colleagues would join me in supporting this bill.  Emergency continuation of trade benefits to Haiti, African and other developing countries is more important than politics. 

“I offer my support for this bill with the promise that I will work to improve the new restrictions it would place on the GSP program, and the drastic formula it would impose for content of African-made fabrics, among other points.   Passing the bill before key benefits expire will send a signal of support to these countries, further helping them to establish their own foothold in the global marketplace, thereby benefitting both American workers and producers, as well as American consumers.”