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Revolutionary Freedoms

A History of Survival, Strength and Imagination in Haiti

Edited by Cécile Accilien, Jessica Adams and Elmide Méléance. With the Paintings of Ulrick- Jean Pierre. Foreword by Kamau Brathwaite.

Haiti is a country filled with stories of survival and strength. The volume Revolutionary Freedoms: A History of Survival, Strength and Imagination in Haiti opens this island nation to a wide audience by presenting a unique view of Haiti?s history through essays and the historical paintings of Ulrick Jean-Pierre, acclaimed as a leading contemporary Haitian painter.

Haiti is the site of the only successful slave revolt in the history of the Americas, and crucial in the development of the New World. Jean-Pierre?s paintings begin a stimulating journey through Haiti?s long history, including life before and during colonization, revolutionary Haiti, and the present. The book investigates Haitian revolutionary leaders and includes a discussion of Haitian women and their contributions to the struggles for freedom and democracy. Essays examine spirituality and Vodou and consider the broad connections between Haiti and Louisiana, as well as other parts of the Americas.

Distinguished writers and scholars including historians, creative writers, museum curators, and Vodou practitioners have offered their vision of Haiti: Edwidge Danticat, author of Breath, Eyes, Memory and The Dew Master among other novels; Marc Christophe, author of Le pain de l?exil, Gwendolyn Midlo Hall, author of Africans in Colonial Louisiana and Slavery and African Ethnicities in the Americas: Restoring the Link; Sue Peabody, author of “There Are no Slaves in France:” The Political Culture of Race and Slavery in the Ancien Regime; Richard Turits, author of Foundations of Despotism: Peasants, the Trujillo Regime, and Modernity in Dominican History; Lauren Derby, author of the forthcoming The Dictator?s Seduction: Politics and the Popular Imagination in the Dominican Republic; and acclaimed Barbadian poet and scholar Kamau Brathwaite, author of The Arrivants: A New World Trilogy, Rites of Passage, Roots, The Development of Creole Society in Jamaica, and Gods of the Middle Passage.

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