/images/The Court of Appeals in Port-au-Prince on Wednesday, June14, heard three influential members of the Lavalas regime: Annette Auguste (known also as So Ann), Yvon Antoine and Paul Raymond, who are accused of presumed involvement in the events of 5 December 2003 at the School of Human Sciences (FASCH). The situation was rather tense in front of the Palace of Justice in Port-au-Prince. Lavalas people’s organization members comment at the microphone of Radio Galaxie:

First unidentified Lavalas demonstrator: . . . because all of us are youths in the country. The guys cannot say that they will kill us. If they decide to kill us, we will start attacking again even more harshly. They allowed Latortue to escape.

Second unidentified Lavalas demonstrator: As for me, I was against the people. Today, I have come back to the people’s camp. Latortue killed the people. They allowed Latortue to escape. Today, So Ann must be released.

Third unidentified Lavalas demonstrator: They now keep the genuine innocent people in jail while the criminals . . . Freedom or death! Freedom or death! We are asking for the release of all political prisoners in the country. Their imprisonment is a crime against mankind. We ask for the release of So Ann. We in KOMILPO, Coordination of the Militants of Portail, ,Kowodinasyon Militan Potay, ask for the release of all the political prisoners and the return of Aristide.

Fourth unidentified Lavalas demonstrator, interrupting: Up with Aristide!

Third unidentified Lavalas demonstrator: Otherwise, we in KOMILPO will block Martissant, we will block Gran Ravin, and we will block Portail Leogane.

Fifth unidentified Lavalas demonstrator: We in Youth’s Strength ask that all political prisoners be released in the country. (crowd chanting: We must all unite; this is the order Aristide gave.)