Let us be the only masters of the soil. Are we the only masters of the soil today? [crowd answers no] Why? [words indistinct from the crowd’s response] Why? [repeat as heard] It is because we have foreign troops in our country. [applause] Are there any Haitians who would like there to be foreign troops in the country? [crowd answers no] Are there any patriots overseas or another nationality who would like to see foreign troops in their country? [crowd answers no] While saying that we are not sovereign because there are foreign troops in our country, will we recognize today that to have peace it is necessary that there be foreign troops today?

Yes. Yes, it is necessary because they are helping us establish peace. The sooner peace is established, the sooner the foreign troops will go. But to reach this goal, to really become the only masters of the soil, there must be among us no traitors preventing peace from being established. [applause] The national anthem says: There must not be traitors among us. The independence we needed in 1804 required us to fight, to fight [repeat as heard] against foreign troops. Today, there is a need for peace. We consider those who do not want to make peace history, and the country will consider them people who do not want us to get back our total and complete sovereignty. [applause]

Is it only when we do not have foreign troops on the [national] soil that we can say we are sovereign? No. When we are waiting for aid overseas, when we are asking that they please help us build roads, schools, and provide medical care, we are not adults, we are then children. Today, we need peace so there can be investments in the country, so we can increase the country’s riches, our internal riches, so we do not beg money overseas from what is called sponsors. The foreign troops will leave the country before we become sovereign.

To become a sovereign country, we must create riches in our country. To create riches in our country, we must have investments. To have investments, we must have peace. To have peace, we must sit and discuss together. We will increase the riches by having tourists come, by having factories established. We are telling those who do not want to do that that they are the ones the national anthem consider traitors. Those who do not want peace to be made [will be considered traitors]. But today, those who do not want to pay taxes [applause], those who keep smuggling [applause], those who keep being involved in corruption [applause], the country will consider them traitors. [applause]

So Haiti can become more beautiful, let us get together. So Haiti can become more beautiful, let us walk hand in hand. So Haiti can become more beautiful, there must be no traitors among us.