Left: Haiti Democracy Project election observer Rev. Garry Theodate at the electoral commission. Photo by Elmide Meleance

Right: Haiti Democracy Project observers in Ouanaminthe on February 8, 2006 from left top: Tedis Hernandez (Cabarete, Dominican Republic), Gerald Gourdain (Beltsville, Maryland), Jaime Blondin Martinez (Cabarete), Arely Montero (Cabarete), and Jose Gil (Cabarete).  Hernandez, Montero, and Gil were among the seven Dominican observers prevented from crossing by Dominican border authorities; here, finally in Ouanaminthe on February 8, they proudly sport their badges. They all returned to observe the second round.

Reverend Theodate of Boston observed in Port-au-Prince on February 7, 2006 and returned to observe the second round in the Nord-Est department on April 21. Of the fifteen project observers in the first round, eight were Haitian-American.

The Haiti Democracy Project fielded sixteen international observers in Port-au-Prince and the Nord-Est department for the second round of elections scheduled for April 21. Ten were in Port-au-Prince and six in Ouanaminthe.

Of the sixteen, five returned from observation in the first round , three were accredited but did not observe the first round, and eight were newly accredited by the CEP for the second round.