Here is the list of the Senate candidates who will participate in the runoffs.

For the West Department :

Jean Hector Anacacis of the Hope Platform [Lespwa]

Mirlande Manigat of the Assembly of Progressive National Democrats [RDNP]

Evelyne Cheron of the Lavalas Family [FL] party

Stanley Theard of the Justice for Peace and National Development [JPDN]

Marie Denise Claude of the Merging of Haitian Social Democratic Parties [Fusion]

Luckner Desir of the Mobilization for Haiti’s Development [MPH].

For the Centre Department :

Ultimo Compere, Lespwa

Edmonde Supplice, Fusion

Jean Wilbert Jacques, Lespwa

Ecclesiaste Telemaque, Fusion

Gilbert Augustin, Cooperative Action to Built Haiti [KONBA]

Mona Bernadeau, KONBA

For the Artibonite Department :

Youri Latortue, Artibonite in Action [LAA]

Noel Emmanuel Limage, Lespwa

Francois Fouchard Bergrome, LAA

Revenel Benoit, Christian Movement for a New Haiti [MOCHRENHA]

Jean Willy Jean-Baptiste, RDNP

Sadrac Dieudonne, MOCHRENHA

For the North Department :

Kelly Bastien, Lespwa

Antoine Rene Samson, Lespwa

Cemephise Gilles, Lespwa,

Marie Gilianne [Gislhaine] Mompremier, Fusion

Elusca Charles, Struggling People’s Organization [OPL]

Carly Eugene, FL

For the Grand-Anse Department :

Michel Clerie, Fusion

Andris Riche, OPL

Jean Maxime Roumer, Lespwa

Jean Fleurant Robert, Lespwa

Louis-Jean Divers, Union [Union for the Reconstruction of Haiti, UNCRH]

Frederick Cheron, Front for National Reconstruction [FRN]

For the South Department :

Fritz Carlos Lebon, Union

Yvon Buissereth, FL

Pierre Simon Georges, Union

Fortune Jean Gabriel, Union

Joseph Dit Benoit Laguerre, Democratic Alliance [Alyans]

Joseph Yvon Feuille, FL

For the Southeast Department :

Joseph Lambert, Lespwa

Eugene Frantz Large, Lespwa

Laurent Fequiere Mathurin, Lespwa

Ricard Pierre, OPL

Francois Annibal Coffy, Fusion

Melanie Charles Simon, Greater Centre Right Front [GFCD]

For the Nortwest Department :

Evaliere Beauplan, For us all [PONT]

Melius Hyppolite, OPL

Henry Desamours, Independent Movement for National Reconciliation [MIRN]

Momprevil Saint-Juste, MIRN

Eddy Bastien, Alyans

Odly Dubreus, MIRN

For the Northeast Department :

Rudolph Boulos, Fusion

Pierre Karl Charles, Alyans

Judnel Jean, Fusion

Moise Trevol, Alyans

Jean Rodolph Joazile, PONT

Gabriel Metellus, FL

For the Nippes Department :

Cherimond Saint-Julien, Lespwa

Nenel Cassy, Lespwa

Jean Joseph Pierre-Louis, OPL

Jacob Anglade, Lespwa

Huguette Lamour, Fusion

Vital Dessources, Union