Originally: Haitians in N.Y. to Rally for Peace and Security in Haiti at U.N. Headquarters


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January 27, 2006

Several Haitian groups will be rallying in front of the United Nations to call for security and peace in Haiti on the eve of presidential elections set for Feb. 7. The organizers are calling on U.N. peacekeepers to protect innocent civilians against violent crime, in particular kidnappings, rape and murder by violent gangs.
The rally will be held  Friday, Jan. 27 between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. at Ralph Bunche Park, located on First Avenue and 42nd street, across from U.N. Headquarters in New York.
Sponsors of the civil action include Haitian pressure groups based in Florida, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Washington, D.C. They are Radio Echo d’Haiti (Mass.), The Haitian League (N.J.), the Haitian American Political Committee (Mass.), the Haitian Promotional Group for Politics, the “Union des Jeunes Progressistes” (N.Y.), the Ligue des Jeunes Cadres Haitiens, (Fla.), Radio Tele Horizon (N.J.), The Haiti Democracy Project (Washington, D.C.), the Association des Medecins Haitiens a l’Etranger and the Alliance of Overseas Haitians, (Manhasset, N.Y.).
The following Haitian religious leaders will be joining the rally: Rev. Phillius Nicolas of the Evangelical Crusade of Fishers of Men (N.Y.), Rev. Gary Theodate of Eglise Golgotha (Mass.), and Rev. Sylvestre Jean Leger of the Comite de Redressement National (N.Y.).
For further information, contact: Alice Blanchet, 917-972-5390.


Contact: Alice Blanchet, 917-972-5390