Sisters and Brothers

Taking a whiff of the perfume that?s coming from my home, Haiti and the Tenth Department (diaspora), I would like to request that you continue visiting this website. Mildred and I thank all of you with all of our heart and we wish you a Happy New Year in 2006.

I am convinced that in this new year that all of you have dreams for your family and for Haiti, our country. A lot of the wonderful dreams that we as Haitians have for Haiti are presently on hold, lying down, sick in a hospital bed. Fortunately, the dreams are not sick enough to have died and been laid down in the hospital morgue.

It is true that my kidnapping on February 29, 2004 has nailed Mother Haiti upside down, on a coup d?etat cross, but with our breath holding on by a thread we are fortunate not to be lying down in a morgue.

In memory of our ancestors who gave their lives so that Haiti would not die! In memory of all the innocent people that have fallen during the 2004?2005 period. Let us pour the serum of liberation on the fire of suffering!

Let us suck up to the core, to the history of Haiti so that we are able to move forward better, to go forward better, more determined and more beautiful.

Before January 1, 1804, the white imperialists loved to bury our slaves alive with their heads sticking outside. They covered their heads with honey. Their heads covered with honey became a lollipop for dogs to suck on, eat and devour.

Ever since January 1, 1804, our slaves have united so that they would never again have to walk with their heads down in front of anyone.

Liberty or Death, it is the line in the sand that our ancestors made for us on the first of January, 1804.

This line in the sand for liberty is a commitment to civilization which through word of mouth, we tell each other:

Civilized people have always been grateful to Haiti.

Civilized people have a lot of respect for the Haitian people.

Civilized people respects the first free Black Country.

This is the first funeral song which buried slavery.

Civilized people are not allergic to Justice, Restitution and Repair.



Every since the exile of Toussaint Louverture, the assassination of Father Dessalines, all the way to the thirty-fourth coup d?etat in our history, which was against me, there are still civilized people who say no to loathing of Haitians.

Honor and respect for us all!

Hats off to you who have already sacrificed so much to save the dignity of the black people and the blacks of Haiti.

Ooo! Mother Haiti is so much in love with Haiti and with all the little girls and the little boys who refuses to live with chains on their feet, or their brains! Mental slavery does not mix well with our dignity. The bacterium called slavery is a poison to our dignity.

When our ancestors signed the birth certificate of this dignity, the Haitian constitution, the population of Haiti was about five hundred thousand.

Today we are now eight million sisters and brothers in Haiti plus two and a half million in the diaspora. We know where we came from and we know where we want to go.

  • 49 percent of us came from the heart of Africa, in the country called the Congo

  • 26 percent of us came from the country called Benin

  • 6.4 percent of us came from the country called Senegal

  • 5 percent of us came from the country called Nigeria

  • 4.5 percent of us came from the county called Ghana

  • 2.6 percent of us came from South Africa and Mozambique

As a result, almost all of us came from the same place and we will end up in the same place. We came from the guts of Africa so that we may go forward toward the guts of total and complete liberation.

This course was taken and was vital for Black Americans who were Lavalas in spirit, and who were suffocating from the humiliations of slavery while living in the United States of America.

At that time, their only solution was to leave the United States and settle in the heart of a liberated Haiti. In the year 1862, there were already two thousand Black Americans that came to take refuge in Haiti; therefore, they came to settle in the heart of freedom.

In those days, helicopters did not exist! Helicopters that dropped bombs on Cité Soleil, as they did on July 6, 2005.

In those days Cité Soleil was not sealed off as a concentration camp where arms meant to be used in wars are being used to kill, devour, and destroy innocent people while pigs eat their dead bodies.

In those days, the imperialists were not there to ignite the fire of death on the neighborhoods of Bel Air, Solino, La Saline, Martissant, Grand Ravine, Carrefour, Tabarre, La Plaine, Delmas, Petion-Ville, Kenscoff, in the shanty town of Cap Haitien, Cayes, Jeremie, GonaVves, Hinche, Jacmel, Port-de-Paix as Miragoâne, Saint Marc, Petit Goave, downtown Port-au-Prince, as in all of Port-au-Prince. The chapter of this tragedy shows us clearly what we already knew, therefore, neither the new imperialists nor the mental colonialists ever considered the peasants as a people. For them, poor Lavalas people, poor peasants, and illiterate people are not really people.

With this wall of apartheid rising, the conspiracy is sealed to keep the Haitians that are Lavalas from participating in a free, fair and democratic election. In spite of this, I have news for them, being illiterate does not mean being dumb.

Today, there is ten times more insecurity, kidnappings, life has become more expensive, and there is more hunger; this situation has made people poorer than they have ever been.

The Haitian people will not give something of value in return for nothing. The Haitian people have their eyes wide open and will not give their all for nothing. They are smart enough not to confuse a selection with elections.

Liberate Father Jean Juste, Annette Auguste (Soeur Anne), Prime Minister Yvon Neptune, Minister Joceleme Privert and all other political prisoners. Keeping within the spirit of the law, the law demands it!

While innocent people are dying in prisons, hard-core criminals and assassins are roaming the streets, which is called crime and more crime.

In addition, it is also crime on crime when Haiti is nailed upside down on a coup-d?etat cross while the de-facto government is swimming in complete illegalities and is corrupted from the neck to the ears.

This level of corruption has made it ears longer than its head, yes, let me repeat myself: This level of corruption has made its ears longer than its head.

Nevertheless, people?s freedom is a sacred right. The Haitian constitution gives the right to every Haitian who is living in hiding or in exile to return to Haiti and live in freedom and peace.

Liberty and peace are like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and according to the philosophy of our African grand-parents, Peace and Freedom are like two peas in a pod.

That is why the philosophers of peace say in the language of the Zulu


It means, “Rather than our ancestors staying slaves, they would rather make peace with each other in order to fight against slavery.”

All of us, partisans of peace who refuse to live without dignity, should always remember:

A Lavalassien is a patriot

A good Lavalassien is a good patriot

Lavalas united is our strength!

The vantage point of the rooster is his strength; the vantage point of the Haitian people is to keep mobilizing so that we can conquer the coup d?etat against me in a peaceful way.

Nevertheless, the consequences of the coup d?etat against me must continue to be felt until that sunrise comes.

Fortunately, the eyes of the sun are open, as are his heart, and his arms embrace all of you face-to-face at home in Haiti. When that day comes, it will be a party of love and Haiti will have finally found peace.

In that same spirit of warmth and of love, Mildred and I hug all of you and wish you:


Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!