Juan Gabriel Valdes says he is unable to confirm the theory that Gen. Urano Teixeira da Matta Bacellar committed suicide. Describing as rumors the allegations that he had an argument with the Brazilian general before his death, Valdes announced that an inquiry is already under way in order to shed light on this issue. Let us listen to Valdes:

“Under the current conditions, I cannot give you any details on the death of Gen Bacellar. The international police of MINUSTAH, U.N.Pol and the Brazilian government have sent experts who are examining the situation so that they can re-enact General Bacellar’s tragic death. The press can rest assured that as soon as we have information from official sources legally authorized to make this analysis, we will give you all the details. I believe, unfortunately, that such detail will be unavoidable.

This situation has given rise to rumors that I am unable to confirm or deny. I know very well how rumors circulate in this country. It is an industry. It is an industry that is looked at with curiosity. I am going to tell you something: My personal and professional relations with my friend General Bacellar were always excellent. I listened to your radio stations yesterday morning when we were saddened and moved by what happened to the general. I listened to what was said on Haitian radio. I am going to tell you something: it shocks me. It shocks me. We are talking about a campaign of hatred, a campaign of hatred that I cannot tolerate. On that score, I will not respond to such a rumor, because those who are saying so do not deserve an answer.