Il est accueilli à coup de manifestations (aéroport, palais et ambassade dominicaine).  Il y a une fumée noire devant le palais (burning tires and rocks throwing…).  A Dominican helicopter is flying over the palace.  All the streets in PAP and Pétion-Ville are blocked because of that visit and Haitians are furious. 


There are shootings in the Champs-de-Mars and consulate areas.  The demonstrators swear that Fernandez won’t leave the palace.  Police are shooting.  Cars came from the DR this morning to drive him around.  There are Dominican policemen with Haitian police in the streets doing the traffic, and a Dominican helicopter over the Champ-de-Mars.


Fernandez is furious and went back to the airport.  He won’t go to the reception at the DR Embassy.  Gary Pierre Paul Charles of Radio Signal FM said we should be ready for retaliation from him and the Dominican people.  Haitians in the DR will pay for that.  Let’s wait and see.  We are still in the office and can’t leave because of the chaotic situation in the streets.